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Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 13

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

It is week 13 in the NFL which means that we know damn well who the winners and losers are and who has an outside chance of rising up and making the playoffs. There is one team that I’m looking at (even going so far as to backing their players in fantasy football) that is going to rise up and steal a playoff spot. More on that in a second. Speaking about fantasy though, it is week 13 which means for many, it is the last week before playoffs begin.

This year, I have clinched the playoffs in one league on the back of Phil Dawson, Matt Ryan and AJ Green. The other league I have AJ Green and Ryan in is a defense plays league, and I did not make the playoffs there and actually just traded Green for Jimmy Graham and Cecil Shorts. The third league, I’m in fourth at the moment, but really need a win this week to clinch a playoff spot. That team is also led by Matt Ryan (who has not done me so well the last two weeks), with Calvin Johnson as the primary receiver. Not a lot of TD’s, but a lot of yards.

This week though, in the league I’ve already clinched, I’m going with Andy Dalton over Ryan and the Bengals Defense. While the Saints give up the most fantasy points to opposing QB’s, I’m liking the way Cincinnati is playing right now and I suggest that you do what you can to grab any Cincinnati players before the trade deadline. Also, my primary RB in all leagues is Green-Ellis. I’ve found that synching all my teams makes more a better fantasy season all around.

So in real football news, that’s the team that I think is going to rise up and steal a playoff spot – the Bengals. They are playing fast and strong and their schedule over the next few weeks puts their fate strongly in their hands. The playoffs is theirs to lose. As for the losers, the Eagles top that list. What a shit shack. Next on that list are the Jets, also a supreme disappointment. I’d put the Browns, Rams, Cardinals, etc., on that list, but we expected them to lose. So after skipping last week (turkey hangover bitches) lets get to picking some games.

New Orleans at Atlanta -3.0
Big game for the Saints if they hope to make a run for the playoffs. To their advantage, outside of Atlanta, the NFC is wide freaking open. Those wild card spots will be highly contested and probably come down to the last game. Even the Rams have an outside chance. Of course, the Saints are going to have to win out, and I don’t think they do that. Their defense is giving up too many points, and the offense just isn’t keeping up. Defenses are aware of Graham now, and Brees doesn’t seem to have the weapons he used to have, especially in the running game. While Ivory has impressed, it hasn’t been enough. Speaking about running game, the Falcons have made it to 10-1 pretty much without using Turner that much, sticking to more swing routes and pitches to the faster running Rodgers. Keep in mind the Saints handed the Falcons their only loss this season. Regardless, back at home, I’m taking the Falcons.

Jacksonville at Buffalo -7.0 UPSET SPECIAL!!
The AFC picture is a little bit clearer when it comes to the playoffs, and neither of these teams are in it. Henne has been better for the Jags than Gabbert, but it’s too little too late. The highlight here is watching rising stars Sheets and Blackmon make names for themselves, in the hopes they get to play somewhere else next season. The Bills can score points, but they can also turn the ball over a lot. I’m going out on a limb here and taking the Jags to win. Even at 2-9, they still have a shot at not completely looking like jackasses. Jags on the road to upset.

Seattle at Chicago -3.0
One second the Hawks look playoff caliber, the next second they look weak. Doesn’t really matter. Chicago is playing some inspired football. Tough too. Last week was great when Cutler got pushed out of bounds, then flipped the ball at a Vikings player. That’s the chippy Cutler that we all know and love. He got flagged for 15 yards, but it was totally worth it. The Bears aren’t going to lay down at home for a team like the Seahawks, they are going to pummel them. Bears to win.

Indianapolis at Detroit -3.5
I bet you want to pick an upset here don’t you? Well, the Lions are still having trouble closing out games, and with Johnson unable to find open space to run, they are having trouble scoring with the long ball as well. Losing three in a row hasn’t helped them rebound this season at all. Stafford is getting shoved, hurried and sacked way too often. That line has got to protect. The Indy pass rush isn’t much of a threat, but Luck and TY Hilton might be. Close game here, but I think the Lions edge out at home. I could be wrong though, this is one I see could go either way.

Minnesota at Green Bay -9.0
The Vikings are down Harvin, and seem to forget they have the leagues #1 rusher on their team. Field goals from 4th and one against the division leading Bears? Are you shitting me? Peterson averages like four yards a carry and you are taking pussy points? The Vikings have given up, I’d say that makes them dangerous, and against the Packers non-existent rushing defense that’d be even more true, but the Packers have that Rodgers guy. Protect him and win the game. Packers at home.

Houston at Tennessee +5.5
The Titans are 0-3 in the division and welcome division leader Houston to town. Yeah, Arian Foster is gonna be like “hey Chris Johnson, this is how it’s done now.” The Titans are going to get shredded. They’ll put up a valiant fight, but the Houston D-Line will crush Locker. Texans to win.

Carolina at Kansas City +2.5 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!!
Boy, here’s your who gives a shit game of the week. You’d think this would be on Monday Night Football the way those games have been. After beating the hapless Eagles, now the Panthers get the Chiefs. Too bad the Panthers are 3-8. Panthers to win. But no one will be watching.

San Francisco at St. Louis +6.5
The Niners have a rare QB problem. That is, both of them are winners. Alex Smith is probably the most dogged QB in the history of the franchise. My guess, he’s out at the end of the year, playing in KC or something. Which is a mistake. He’s got the arm and the game smarts to be great. Dunno why he can’t get his due in SF. Fuck ‘em. Kaepernik gives them just as much chance to win, though they could start Randy Moss at QB this week and win. Niners to win. Of course, keep in mind they did tie last time they played the Rams.

New England at Miami +9.0
Miami has an outside chance of getting to the playoffs, but this is the week to make that leap. This is a must win game, against a team that seems to just score and score and score but wait! No Gronk? Out with a broken arm thanks to an idiotic decision to keep him in the game, the Patriots are down their leading scorer. So, I suppose that’s a slight advantage for Miami. Tough game for the Fins, as they’ll fall behind quick and never seem to catch up. Patriots to win, but the Dolphins keep it close. Mostly cause the Pats secondary is non-existent.

Arizona at NY Jets -4.5
The Cardinals have Wells back, which should put some more depth in the running game, something the Jets can’t seem to stop. Sure the rookie QB in Arizona isn’t that great yet, and the Jets home crowd hates the Jets more than the visiting team, but the Cards have a chance here. The Jets are not going to even come close to the playoffs, and they are getting primed to clean house. Watch. Cards to win.

Tampa Bay at Denver -7.0
The Bucs are another NFC team that must win this week in order to make a run for the playoffs. Sadly, they travel to the thin air of Denver to face Peyton and the Broncos. While the Bucs gave the Falcons all they could handle, I don’t think they get that lucky against the Broncos, who are playing tighter and tighter every week. I’m sticking with the Denver Mannings to win this game and to continue into the playoffs.

Cleveland at Oakland -1.5
The Browns forced – get this – eight fucking turnovers against the Steelers. The Steelers! If the defense plays the same, they’ll win again this week easy, because Oakland doesn’t wait for forced turnovers, they just give the fucking ball away. Shurmer might be a shit coach, but even he can see that if he just keeps the pressure on Palmer, he’ll win. Browns to win.

Cincinnati at San Diego +2.0 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
This is it for both these teams. A win here and the Bengals will most likely pass the Steelers in the division, edging closer to a playoff spot. A loss for the Chargers likely means that at least Norv Turner is toast, as his poor decision making and clock management will have finally caught up to him. Additionally, Rivers is playing for his life right now, at 4-7, he’s not looking like the price they paid. Bengals to win.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore -0.0
The Steelers are hurting. Literally. charlie Batch was less than impressive against the Browns, the whole team looked like a mess. Without Big Ben, I’m writing them off. If he doesn’t slap on some Kevlar and come back, they are done. The Ravens are going to win this division, if they can beat the Steelers here and keep the Bengals at bay. The next few weeks should be interesting. Either way, Ravens win at home.

Philadelphia at Dallas -9.0
That sound is the sound of Eagles fans holding back the tears. Nick Foles is quickly cementing his place in the hall of perennial backups and he’s only a rookie. You gotta win son. You had your chance against the Panthers, now you are probably headed back to the bench so that Vick can come in and look just as shitty. Bryce Brown was impressive, but needs to learn how to carry the fucking ball. Did you see him swinging it out there? A good fantasy pick if you don’t get penalized for fumbles. Dallas isn’t that great of a team, but have a strong rushing attack going at times, and other times a coach who can’t seem to read the giant digital clock. Regardless, the Eagles aren’t going to win another game this year. Cowboys at home.

New York at Washington +2.5
And we come to the other half the NFC East. The surprisingly dominant Giants against the not to be underrated Redskins. The Skins keep showing that spark that winning teams have, which can mostly be attributed to RGIII. A win at home, against the Giants would be fucking huge for RGIII and the Redskins, who have won two in a row and have a good shot at the playoffs – if they can continue to win in the division. In consecutive weeks they’ve beaten the Eagles and Cowboys, yet lost to the Giants earlier this year. They have two more against the Eagles and Cowboys, so this game is huge for them. The Giants rolled Green Bay, and coming off that win are hard to discount or pick an upset against. Going with the numbers here and picking the Giants to win.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 11

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Terrible week last week, for my picks and for QB injuries. Vick went out with a concussion (though I suspect it’s not as such and he was pulled cause he’s terrible) as well as Jay Cutler. Big Ben went down with a shoulder injury. The Steelers were the only team not to lose after losing their QB, though in all honestly the Eagles suck and the Steelers were playing the Chiefs. Turnovers sunk the Bears, as their offense couldn’t manage to hang on to the ball. You don’t think defense wins championships? Just take a look at that Bears v. Texans game.

In other football type news, there was a tie this week, which is like taking your mom to prom. Fucking weak. The worst part is that it was a tie in the NFC West division, which is going to be hotly contested anyway when it comes down to it. At the point, the Seahawks are smiling like crazy after their win. The biggest surprise for me this weekend wasn’t the Fins getting blown out, or the Falcons losing to the Saints or the Eagles just totally blowing it against the Cowboys, it was the Giants losing to the Bengals. I did not see that one coming.

One of the most dynamic QB/WR combos this year has been that of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. They started it last year and continue this year. Tack on the rest of the WR core on this team, and they have a potent passing attack that is hard to stop. Almost as many weapons on offense as the Falcons. They also have a pretty competent run game too. I’m surprised by this Bengals team and think they can make a run at the Ravens, as long as they aren’t playing in Baltimore.

Anyway, since this is the time of year that I start to get the sinking feeling that nobody actually reads this column besides me, CC and my boys Brett & Mikey, I’m just gonna get on with the picks.

Miami at Buffalo -1.0
So after playing some bizarre football last week, these two struggling AFC East teams meet up in the cold to decide which one won’t be hanging with the Jets in the basement. The Dolphins are playing hot & cold football, while the Bills are just cold. They always play the Pats tight, because the Pats let ‘em. This week I have the Bills, because Miami never seems to win in the cold. Man I love this time of year for football. Weather rules.

Arizona at Atlanta -9.5
The Falcons lost not because they were outplayed or outmatched, but because they were evenly matched on offense. Their defense didn’t make the moves they had been making all season to keep a good scoring margin. Regardless, back at home this week, they get back to winning. Falcons at home. What? Say something about the Cardinals? They are terrible and the play calling is the worst and most timid I’ve seen all year. Is that enough?

Cleveland at Dallas -7.0 UPSET SPECIAL!!
Ok, I might be going out on a limb here. The Cowboys are still a mess. They are locking Jerry Jones out of the locker room, they are turning over the ball too much and Romo is playing like he doesn’t want to get his dress dirty. Sure they bea the Eagles, but the Eagles are equally fucked up. Here’s the deal, the Browns, at only two wins are coming on strong and need to finish the season in the “hopeful” column. Their defense has been playing well at times, even though ranked near the bottom. Really, it’s the 29th ranked Cowboys run defense that is the difference maker here. I say Trent runs all over them. Browns to surprise upset the Boys and make Jerry Jones cry.

Green Bay at Detroit +3.5
The Packers are back this week, back with Nelson and perhaps anyone else who was injured. The Lions are limping after getting beat pretty handily by the Vikings, and now they get the Packers. Johnson has scored two touchdowns this season and the Lions secondary appears to be sleeping on the job. Packers to win.

Cincinnati at Kansas City +3.0
Like I said earlier, the Bengals are surprising me, and the Chiefs are flat out shitty. They can’t establish a run, they can’t keep the QB in the pocket and yeah, they did sack Big Ben, but everyone gets lucky sometimes. Bengals to win.

NY Jets at St. Louis -3.5
Apparently, Jets players are bashing Tim Tebow behind his back, even though he’s not contributed much this season, of no fault of his own. And, not to mention if he was to start for the team in place of mistake prone Sanchez, he’d play his fucking heart out for them, regardless of them being absolute dicks in the locker room. Clearly, the Jets have problems. Here’s my message to the Jets players bashing Tebow – fuck you. The guy, given the chance, plays to fucking win – no matter the cost. He plays with positivity, sportsmanship and heart. Clearly that’s too difficult for you selfish pricks to understand so hope you enjoy losing. Jets lose again this week, as the Rams proved they are not to be completely underestimated. If you’ve got Jackson in your league, start him. Jets run defense is like wet toilet paper. If Tebow starts however, I may change my pick.

Philadelphia at Washington -3.5 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!!
It seems to me that everyone calling for Andy Reid’s head seem to forget how many wins & playoff appearances he’s got under his belt. However, fire him. His decision making has turned to dementia and firing his D coordinator has only made the defense worse. Keeping Vick in the game in any aspect is tanking their season. Foles will probably get the start this week, but it doesn’t matter. The Skins, while not looking like a playoff team, are at least looking a bit more concise on offense. RGIII though needs to give his receivers an extra second before he starts running around. Skins to win at home.

Tampa Bay at Carolina +1.0
The last two games for the Bucs have not only been crucial wins, but have been offensively and special teams impressive. I’m serious, and you know how much of a Bucs hater I am. I think they keep it up on the road against a quickly falling Panthers team plagued by line troubles. I dunno. I expected so much more from Cam. Sorry dude, you are like Vince Young, but you have better potential. Bucs to win.

Jacksonville at Houston -15.5
After beating the Bears at their own game, I don’t think the Texans sink low enough to play the Jags on their level. This will be like an SEC season opener. They should pay the Jags to come and get destroyed. Texans to win.

New Orleans at Oakland +4.5
The Saints are looking like The Saints once again, but considering they are playing against a team that can’t even snap the ball right the entire game, that shouldn’t be an issue. Sure the black hole is a tough place to play sometimes, but the Raiders can’t stay out of their own way long enough to win a game. Saints to win.

San Diego at Denver -7.5
Another team that loves stepping on its own toes is the Chargers. From bad Rivers decisions, to an inability to establish a strong run, to Norv Turner not knowing how to tell time, the Chargers are running out of it. Can Rivers beat Manning and the Colts, in Denver with the offense on a roll? Doubtful. Broncos to win.

Indianapolis at New England -9.5 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
While the Steelers/Ravens night game is going to be fantastic, this one intrigues me the most. The Patriots have been giving up major points this year again, and Andrew Luck is playing like he’s done this before. However, the Colts have not come up against a team that scores at will like the Patriots do. Their losses were surprising, to the Jets and Jags (Bears not so much) and their wins have been too, beating the Packers and Vikings. They looked vulnerable against the Browns and Titans, but smashed the Fins and Jags. But the Patriots do score at will. In order for the Colts to win, they have to go up big and quick, but the Patriots score at will. Pats to win.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh +4.5
I wrote every other pick before this one, even the bye week ones. This is tough. Do I go with the Ravens, who are hurting on run defense, but still good on pass defense, or the Steelers, who have been playing amazing defense once again, especially in the secondary and who are establishing a run game with who-dat players? The Ravens are favored, but why? Because of Big Ben being injured? Look, until I know if he’s playing, I can’t make a pick here. Leftwich ain’t gonna win this game for the Steelers. I’m not picking this game. Should be a good one though.

Chicago at San Francisco -5.0
Probably the best Monday night match-up this season, period. ESPN got lucky with this one I suppose, since they usually get stinkers on Monday night and NBC gets the good game on Sunday night. Either way, the Bears have got to be reeling after that loss, giving away the ball like they did. Cutler may not play as well. Marshall and Campbell just don’t have the same connection. So, who ya got? I’ve got the Bears, just cause the Niners left a bad taste in my mouth after that tie with the hapless Rams.

Bye week at Minnesota
The Vikings probably wish they didn’t have a bye so they could keep winning.

Bye week at N.Y. Giants
The Giants are wondering how in the fuck they lost in Cincinnati.

Bye week at Seattle
Seattle also wishes they didn’t have to take a bye so they could keep winning.

Bye week at Tennessee
The Titans are just confused. Blown out one week, blowing out the next. Too much blowing.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 10

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Well, I have to gloat this week. I went 12-2 last week, which I think is my best ratio all season. I’ve had a couple ten win weeks, but this one is definitely the best. That being said, I think I’m still running at about 69%, which is regardless of my picks. Get it? Hahahaha.

I’d like to break from the NFL for a second to talk about two things that aren’t related to the NFL. The first is the NHL. That’s right, hockey. Now, I understand a lot of football fans are not hockey fans, and that’s just the way it is. I am a hockey fan, loyal to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The fact that the NHL season has already been cancelled through November, including the Winter Classic, sucks. This labor dispute is about millionaires wanting more money from billionaires. I’ll admit, many hockey players are not in the million dollar range when it comes to annual salaries, and these guys at the league minimum are losing money. They want to get out there and play and earn their paychecks. It’s the superstars, arguing for a percentage point more of the gate that are holding the game back, and it’s the NHL not giving it to them causing casual fans to just not give a shit. This is not good for the NHL, which is obvious, but unlike the NFL, fans won’t just come flocking back. The NHL needs to resolve this dispute now, before coming back to crickets.

The second thing is the Presidential Election. Most years when I go to the ballot box, I’m torn. This year was easy. Mitt Romney is so out of touch with reality and living in happy religious rich white man world that the choice was easy. As for Colorado and other states legalizing recreational weed – awesome. Even more important, congrats to the states approving marriage equality. Everyone, gay, straight, lesbian, made out of matchbooks, should have the right to suffer through marriage and pay out the nose for divorce.

In other NFL news, it appears that Andy Reid has fired Juan Castillo again, because the Eagles defense was once again just as terrible as their QB who got sacked seven times. More on that in a second. So now that we’re nearing the home stretch of the season (oh man, already?) who do you have as the best rookie standout this season? Can’t say RGIII has truly impressed, while Andrew Luck is setting records left and right. Who ya got? I’ve got Week 10 picks.

Indianapolis at Jacksonville +3.0
Andrew Luck is setting all kinds of rookie records, making his start in Indy more spectacular than Peyton. There is a pretty good chance the Colts are headed to the playoffs as a Wild Card, thanks to the AFC East being meh and parity in the NFL. No parity here, the Jags are terrible on both sides of the ball. If you have any Colts offensive players, I’d suggest starting them. I’d start Luck over Matt Ryan, but c’mon, it’s Matt Ryan. Colts to win.

New York at Cincinnati +6.0
Once again, the Bengals season is hanging by a thread. At 3-5 and getting lit up by Denver last week, the Bengals need a serious rebound. Perhaps the reeling Giants? Perhaps not. The Giants find a way to grind out a win, even though they didn’t do so against the Steelers. The Bengals allow a lot of passing yards, and another Manning should deliver another loss. Giants on the road.

Tennessee at Miami -6.0
Finally Johnson broke out last week. Too bad it was late in a rout. Fantasy owners who actually started him were happy. Too little, too late. The truth is, against an aggressive line, the Titans can’t get a running game going. Apply pressure, and the Titans will turn over the ball. The Dolphins, at 4-4 are looking to catch up to the Pats. A win here at home will help. Fins to win.

Detroit at Minnesota +1.0 UPSET SPECIAL!!
This is as close as I could get to an upset special this week, a one point line. The Lions finally looked like themselves last week, with the passing game in full swing. But the were playing the Jags, who basically rolled over and played dead for three quarters. This week, they play division rival Vikings who are not playing dead. They are running well, and defending tough against the run. I think they eke out a win at home against the Lions, winning the turnover game.

Buffalo at New England -11.0
Surprisingly enough, the Bills stayed in the game through three against the Texans last week, but we all knew what was going to happen. Once again, timid and ill-timed play calling killed them in the late stages, and will kill them again this week. I don’t smell an upset here. The Patriots, while 28th in total defense, are still stronger than the Bills by far. Pats to win.

Atlanta at New Orleans +2.5
Again, another team finally comes on strong, but against a far inferior team. Drew Brees looked like his old self on that TD pass to Graham, but coaching and play calling is still a problem. This is the chance for the Saints to play spoiler, but I think they’ve already given up on their season at 3-5, which is ridiculous in the NFC. The return of Vilma helped the defense a lot, and I expect them to give Ryan a tough time passing the ball, but the Falcons have too many weapons to be ignored. Falcons to win.

San Diego at Tampa Bay -3.0
How about Martin for the Bucs? Setting a rookie record, blasting for four touchdowns – against the Raiders. Who have the run defense of a wet paper bag full of pineapples. Look, it’s a great accomplishment but hold on, the Bucs don’t play someone with a bad run defense every week… or do they? The Chargers come to town with the 4th ranked rush defense… oh. These two 4-4 teams are very hopeful. One has a coach that makes terrible late game calls (Norv) and the other has a weasel coach who plays like a dick. I’m rooting for San Diego, but the Bucs win this game.

Denver at Carolina +3.0
The Panthers rank middle of the road on just about everything, and they play like it. Last weeks win was no indication of anything as far as I’m concerned. Newton has settled down a bit, but still isn’t finding Steve Smith. Give Smith the ball, let him make the plays. These running QB’s think they need to make all the plays. How’s that working out for Vince Young and Vick? Forget it. Manning shreds them through the air. Broncos to win.

Oakland at Baltimore -7.5
Well, the Ravens D proved something last week, that even without Ray Lewis they can sink down to the Browns level and play like shit. They almost gave that game away. Thankfully, the Raiders and their 30th ranked rushing offense shouldn’t crack the 27th ranked rush defense of the Ravens. 27th? Are you serious? The Raiders can spark at times, but it won’t be enough against the Ravens at home. Ravens to win.

NY Jets at Seattle -5.5
The Jets were on a bye last week, did anyone notice? Didn’t think so. Every time they put Tebow in, I wince. No one is falling for the trick plays, the running game is nonexistent and Sanchez is still mistake prone. The only bright spot is the secondary. The Seahawks are on a tear though, and I don’t think the Jets, in the loudest stadium in the league, are going to stop them. Hawks at home.

Dallas at Philadelphia +2.0 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!!
Vick was sacked seven times last week. Romo played like he was made of fine china. These two QB’s are a constant disappointment to their franchises, yet are lauded as heroes. Why? I can’t figure it out. Bench both of them, see what happens. The Eagles are a joke right now, and losing at home to rival Cowboys should cause more than one riot. I’m looking forward to it. Cowboys to win.

St. Louis at San Francisco -11.0
The Rams, coming off a bye, are another disappointment. They won’t be a challenge for the Niners, who should be able to pass at will against them. The run might get stuffed a bit, for the first quarter. Niners at home.

Houston at Chicago -1.0 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
The 7-1 Texans against the 7-1 Bears. Both teams have exceptional offense. Both teams have exceptional defense, with the Bears edging the Texans a bit in that department. Seven TD’s already this season by the Bears defense. While Schaub is not that mistake prone, the Bears D plays for turnovers. Forte and Foster might get stuffed a bit in this one. Should be a hell of a good game. The only factor is weather, as the Texans play in that dome and the Bears play in the fucking snow. I’m taking the home team. Bears to win by like one point. Maybe in overtime.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh -11.5
Yeah, Steelers to win. Do I even need to say much more than that? KC is horrible. No passing game, a rushing game that by all accounts should be fantastic and a QB that loves to throw to the other team. Steelers by a bunch.

Bye week at Arizona
The golf course beckons. Don’t worry guys, you’ll be there soon.

Bye week at Green Bay
A much needed bye week for some injuries that need healing. Then it’s back to ass kicking.

Bye week at Washington
Once again, bad late game play calling and quarterback impatience ruined the game.

Bye week at Cleveland
For a team that sucks as bad as this one, they have a really positive social media team.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 9

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

At this point in the season I usually reveal my season percentage. Sadly, I haven’t been keeping real good track of my week to week record. I guess I could go back and add it all up, but I really don’t feel like doing that. You are welcome to do so though, last week I was 9-5 so you can tack that on to the previous weeks. If it helps, when I’m wrong – I’m royally wrong.

Well, the Cardinals did not upset the Niners last week, which means I didn’t get to look like a genius. In fact, Alex Smith looked like a playoff QB as he picked apart the Cardinals. Manning got a lot of praise as well as he picked apart the Saints secondary, and Tom Brady, well, he had the Rams in London. That game was pretty much a given for the Patriots. Then there was my boys, the Browns. The Browns beat the listless Chargers 7-6. Note the Browns tend to win or lose by single digits. They sink other teams right on down to their level. That’s why they are hard to pick. Wheedon isn’t looking half bad though.

I’ll tell you who is looking bad, Cam Newton. Last year he was on fire. His rookie year. People didn’t know what to expect. This year, his bag of tricks is all used up and he’s still making rookie mistakes, which are unforgivable at this point. He needs to buck up and start making better decisions. Speaking about better decisions, Vick didn’t turn over the ball at all this week and still managed to lose the game, even mentioning after the game that Reid might replace him at QB. Though the real loser was the Philly defense, who were working under a new coordinator. How’d that work out for you Reid? The Philly faithful are calling for his firing. I think it’s time.

In other news, those of you on the East Coast reading this, well, I hope you are reading this and not without power or stranded somewhere surrounded by shitty water. The rest of you can donate to Red Cross if you want to help. Don’t send food or clothes, just cash. In other, other news, it appears as if all games will be played this weekend, haven’t heard otherwise. So munch down on your kids Halloween candy and get ready for Week 9 picks!

Kansas City at San Diego -9.0
I don’t think there is a team worse than the Chiefs right now. The Chiefs are not playing inspired football. Quinn didn’t help, as went down with a head injury. Cassel made Carson Palmer look like John Elway. What a contrast. Meanwhile the Chargers are probably the most lethargic team in the league with that kind of offensive talent. What is going on there? I think they win this week, but hell, they aren’t going to catch the Broncos.

Denver at Cincinnati +3.5
Speaking about the Broncos, they looked great on Monday night as Manning systematically dismantled the New Orleans secondary. I don’t think he was pressured all night. If you don’t pressure Manning, he’ll kill you. I think the Bengals bring a shit ton of pressure on Manning and make this an exciting and close game, but I’m taking the Broncos. You’ll notice a lot of road teams are favored this week as well, but you have to be careful as statistics favor the home team.

Baltimore at Cleveland +3.5
Statistics in this match-up don’t favor the home team sadly. The Browns can never seem to beat the ex-Browns, at home or away. So is this the week? Should I put “upset special” up there? As much as I want the Browns to win, even with a depleted defense the Ravens are still offensively better than the Browns defense. However, I expect this to be another sickeningly slow, mistake prone close game. Ravens by a nose.

Arizona at Green Bay -11.0
After the Cardinals beat the Giants earlier in the season, and the Packers were losing I might have said that this could be a major upset. Since then, the Packers are back to dominating form and the Cardinals are pretty shitty. Skelton doesn’t have that star power, know what I mean? Packers are down a couple of receivers, but it doesn’t matter. Pack to win.

Chicago at Tennessee +3.5
The Bears had a tough game last week against the Panthers, and frankly, I was a bit surprised. They travel to visit the Titans, who blew it in overtime against the Colts. The Titans defense is terrible, I think losing Finnegan has hurt the secondary. Either way, the Cutler to Marshall connection can’t be beat right now, and Forte is earning his money, unlike Johnson, who will get stuffed by the Bears run defense. Bears to win.

Miami at Indianapolis +2.5
Well, a bit of Luck and the Colts are looking like they could challenge the Texans for the division. Maybe. Probably not. No fucking way. A late win against the Titans does not a division winner make, though Luck is showing great poise in the late stages of the game. Last week I said the Dolphins are playing with passion, and their whipping of the Jets proved that. With Tannehill questionable, and Moore bruised up, I still think the Dolphins win this game, just on defense alone.

Carolina at Washington -3.5
The Panthers are terrible right now. They showed some spark against the Bears, but that’s all it was. It wasn’t electricity. The Redskins have a little bit of that, but I still wonder if RG3 has that lasting power. He makes good, non rookie decisions, but still tends to run a bit too much. This should be interesting, with two running QB’s, but I’m taking the home team.

Detroit at Jacksonville +4.0
I immediately regretted picking the Seahawks to win last week, knowing that the Lions would pull of another last second win. Stafford is getting better at that. The Madden curse is strong for Calvin Johnson, now limping a bit after last week. He’s been a ghost this season, struggling with the double team and getting open. But just throw him the ball! However, this has opened up other lanes for Stafford. Adding Mike Thomas (in a trade with the Jags) this week will give Stafford even more options. Detroit wins this game, cause the Jags really do suck.

Buffalo at Houston -11.0
The Bills are a constant disappointment of bad play calling and timid defense. The Texans are going to kill them. The Bills need to be cleaned out from top to bottom. This organization has been sitting in the corner wearing the dunce cap for far too long. Texans to destroy them.

Tampa Bay at Oakland -0.0 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!!
The 3-4 Bucs meet the 3-4 Raiders in a re-match of what I call “The Gruden Bowl.” Good thing he’s not calling this shit bag of a game. The Bucs are hot one minute, not the next. This week they were hot against the Vikings on the road, the receivers standing up and making Freeman look real good. The Raiders looked good (by comparison) against the Chiefs, but still turned over the ball too much. That’s the key here, turnovers, and the Bucs get ‘em. Bucs to win on the road.

Minnesota at Seattle -5.0
Tough call here. Can I call a friend? Actual stat from “Christian Ponder has never played a game in the Pacific Time Zone in either college or the NFL.” This stat was tweeted by @scotthanson at the exact moment I was writing this paragraph. No bullshit. So what does that stat mean? It means he’s due. Maybe. The Hawks are playing tough, and Pete Carroll has shown he’s not afraid to take risks. It wasn’t enough against the Lions last week, but I think that Russel Wilson is better than Ponder, as far as poise and decision making. This game could be tough, they both play in loud stadiums, but this is a loud outdoor stadium. I’m taking the Hawks at home.

Pittsburgh at NY Giants -3.0 UPSET SPECIAL!!
This is one of my favorite match-ups of the year. These two teams are tough on defense and unforgiving. The Steelers have a running game problem, but their back-up Dwyer ran strong last week, and like Bradshaw can hit holes hard and low. That sounded dirty. The key is going to be the Steelers defensive secondary. Can they stop Manning and his receivers? Probably not, but the Giants will have trouble with Big Ben as he thrives under pressure where Eli doesn’t. Pressure Eli, win the game. Also, get turnovers. I’m taking the Steelers to upset.

Dallas at Atlanta -4.0 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
Game of the week for two reasons. The first being that the Falcons are currently 7-0 and could go 8-0, the second being that the Cowboys are going to get exposed. Sure, they came back against the Giants last week, but six fucking turnovers by the Cowboys, four by Romo, should have led to an ass whupping, yet the Boys hung in there. Why? Cause the Giants let them. They toyed with them, gave Eli the ball and won the game. The Cowboys can’t do that. Matt Ryan can. Atlanta wins this game, because the Cowboys will not have fixed their turnover or Romo problem.

Philadelphia at New Orleans -3.0
Hey, how about that – Vick had no turnovers last week and still played like shit. The whole team did. The defense was terrible. Good thing they fired their coordinator. The Saints have no direction with no coach. Someone needs to step up and be a leader. Home in the dome, the Eagles in town and threatening any hope of a winning season, it’s now or never Saints. Do it. Saints to win.

Bye week at N.Y. Jets
Consistently proving they have no idea what they are doing. The NY Jets.

Bye week at St. Louis
For once, giving up is an option in the NFC West.

Bye week at San Francisco
Watch out Niners, the Hawks are looking tough.

Bye week at New England
Tom Brady has majestic hair.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 8

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

So yeah, when I tweeted out that I was looking at three fantasy football losses this past weekend due to my lack of Matt Ryan, the NFL’s official twitter replied to me, asking if I was leaning too much on Matty Ice. You are damn straight I was. I’m 5-2, 4-3 & 3-4 in my fantasy leagues. Matty Ice is the only reason I have any wins as it is. Between him and A.J. Green. And in the league that plays defensive players, the Atlanta D has been lights out. I’ve lost by close points, just bad match-ups on hot weekends by key players. The difference this year, is I’m not playing against myself. Most of my team is the same in all three leagues.

So this past weekend I was in transit from Chicago to Atlanta to Sarasota. I was only able to watch a bit of the Giants v. Redskins game and both of the 4pm games. That’s about it. Missed the Sunday night game, but I heard it was boring as shit. I was right on about that Patriots v. Jets game, with the Pats trying to lose the game via penalties and the Jets finally just giving up in overtime, as the offensive line just kind of stood there as the Pats front rushed by to cause the game winning fumble.

That Raiders game was ugly wasn’t it? I mean, Chad Henne and the Jaguars offense was bad enough without MJD in the game, but Carson Palmer was just terrible. Fumbles, throwing the ball around like a confused elderly patient… terrible. Tell you one thing though, that guy can take a hit. Thankfully, after a few years of being a glass doll, so can Matt Stafford. And he certainly got hit on Monday night against the Bears. So much so that it started a delightful meme, which is highlighted in the picture at top.

So needless to say, since I only watched three game really, missed NFL RedZone, this weeks picks are going to be a bit light in substance. I think. Who the hell knows when I get down there. On with the picks!

Tampa Bay at Minnesota -6.5
The Bucs almost stole that game from the Saints, or the Saints stole it from them. A smart defensive play to negate the tying TD was the difference maker. Meanwhile, I have no idea what the Vikings did, but I’m taking them again this week since they are looking stronger and stronger. Vikings to win.

Carolina at Chicago -9.0
Well, I was wrong about the Panthers this year, it appears they are terrible. That’s what they get for letting Cam Newton’s ego get out of hand. The Bears are tough. Watch out Carolina, you’re gonna get crushed. Bears to win.

San Diego at Cleveland +2.5 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!! UPSET SPECIAL!!
Someone asked me why I pick the Browns as my crapfest of the week so often. Uh, cause they suck? This week I’m picking them – again – to upset. Why do I keep doing this to myself? They get so close, yet suck so bad. But this year, so do the Chargers. Browns at home.

Seattle at Detroit -1.0
The Detroit defense shouldn’t leave the field, because the offense is terrible. You have to establish a run game to open up the pass, and they aren’t doing that and Stafford is getting crushed. The Seahawks are not out of the NFC playoff race, not by a long shot. I dunno who to pick here really. Flip a coin. Seahawks.

Jacksonville at Green Bay -13.0
Yeah, Packers have woken the fuck up. Good luck stopping Rodgers. Packers to win by like a billion.

Indianapolis at Tennessee -3.5
Neither of these teams is playing lights out football, but there is one thing that the Titans have that may change their season – a re-energized Chris Johnson. Yes, he was up against a terrible Bills run defense, but that may have been the boost he needed. The Colts aren’t much better in that department. Titans to win.

New England at St. Louis +7.0
Well hell, there is finally a leading team in the AFC East. It’s the Patriots, who have chosen once again to not play defense. Finally the offense snapped into position against the Jets, looking sharp in the 4th quarter. They’ll continue that this week as they pick apart the Rams. Pats to win.

Miami at NY Jets -1.0
Sanchez is terrible. I’m sticking by that. He gives up, his offensive line gives up and their trick plays are shit. Absolute shit. Miami wins this game because they look like they are trying to fucking win a game.

Atlanta at Philadelphia -1.0 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
How in the balls are the Eagles favored in this game? Even by one point. They have the most offensive turnovers, inexplicably fired their defensive coordinator because of it, and have a QB who is simply terrible. Meanwhile, the Falcons are undefeated and killing it. Yeah. Falcons to win.

Washington at Pittsburgh -4.5
RGIII is playing well, but by no means the greatest QB in the game right now. Pundits are eating his shit like it’s fucking gold mousse. Well Eli and the Giants showed RGIII what a game winning drive looked like last week, and now Big Ben is going to show him again. You have a lot to learn yet young buck. Steelers to win.

Oakland at Kansas City -1.0
Who cares? The Chiefs to win just to keep these teams out of contention for the division.

New York at Dallas +2.0
So just when I was writing off Dallas, they beat the Panthers. Well, they barely beat the Panthers. The Cowboys are still a mess and the Giants have never lost in that monstrosity of a stadium in Dallas. Giants to win.

New Orleans at Denver -6.0
Manning and crew are starting to get a system going here folks. Watch out. They are 3-3 and getting ready to blast off. They are so close, I can feel it. Fox has got to let Manning run the game though, and the offensive line has got to pay attention. The running game is fantastic. I think they beat the Saints this week, no bubbles no troubles.

San Francisco at Arizona +7.0
The Cardinals started out looking like the team to beat, but then the season started. At the same time, the Niners also fell from grace. While the Niners have recovered a bit, this is still a close race in the NFC West. There is only one losing record! This game is important for the Cards, as they can’t hope to win the division if they can’t beat the Niners at home. You know what? I’m taking the Cardinals to surprise upset the Niners. I might be wrong, but if I’m right, I look like a genius.

Bye Week at Baltimore
Ravens defense has taken too many injuries for this team to make the playoffs this year. Sorry Flacco.

Bye Week at Buffalo
What run defense?

Bye Week at Cincinnati
That loss to the Steelers hurts. A lot.

Bye Week at Houston
Trust me, this team does not want a bye week, not with the stretch of wins they’ve been on.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 7

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

7-7. That was my record last week. The good news is that I got wins in all three of my fantasy leagues. Go figure. While I picked two upsets (Bills and Lions) I totally got the Niners, Texans and Patriots wrong. But really, who saw that Patriots loss coming besides Seahawks fans? Great game for them though, and it looks like the first time in a long time there might actually be a fight for the division lead in the NFC West, and more than one winning record.

While there are some clear winners and losers in the NFL this year, there is a lot of parity, especially within divisions. Take the AFC East for example. It’s completely up in the air. All four teams are 3-3. That’s gotta be some sort of anomaly. The NFC East is also another division that is close, which is saying a lot because the Eagles are terrible. And they just fired their defensive coordinator, in the middle of the season, even though it’s the offense that is fucked up. The NFC North is close, but it’s the NFC West that is the biggest surprise. Arizona, Seattle and San Fran are tied at 4-2, with the Rams at 3-3. Totally up for grabs.

There is only one undefeated team left, and that’s the Falcons, who are on a bye this week. That means I have to revamp my whole fantasy team or just take a loss. Matt Ryan is my bread and butter. Well, him and AJ Green. I suppose I’ll start Dalton in that league… In other news, Holmgren is out in Cleveland at the end of the year. His term was more than disappointing. They also got a new owner, who apparently likes to buy things and watch them die.

Only 13 games this week, as the bye weeks jump to six teams. Let’s see what Week 7 holds for the NFL. On with the picks!

Seattle at San Francisco -7.0
Both teams at 4-2, both teams surprised this past weekend. The Seahawks showed they were for real by beating the Patriots in dramatic fashion. Meanwhile, the Niners took a very acute turn for the suck with a beat down at the hands of the visiting Giants. Are we seeing a shift in power in this division? Will the Niners come back strong and beat the Hawks? I think so. Niners to win at home.

Tennessee at Buffalo -3.0
Well, the Titans are loading up for a disappointing season… but wait, what’s this? The Titans beat the Steelers? Some weird flip-side shit there. I watched most of that game (like every game) and neither team looked impressive. I’d say the Titans did a good job protecting the run, but the Steelers just don’t have a running game. The Bills are better offensively than the Steelers. Bills to win.

Cleveland at Indianapolis -3.0
I saw a sign in the crowd during the Cleveland game that said “First Step to 11-5″ or something like that. The 11-5 bit was on there. Well, the Browns are now 1-5 and really haven’t improved all that much save for Wheedon and Gordon finally getting a groove. So much so that I picked Gordon up for my fantasy team as a replacement WR. The Cleveland defense is playing good right now, so much so that I picked them up to replace the Atlanta defense. I was going to start Luck in place of Matt Ryan in fantasy, but I don’t like to bet against myself since I’m picking the Browns to win.

Green Bay at St. Louis +5.5
Well, the Packers finally woke the fuck up against the Texans. The Packers seemed to be winging it this season, but came into the Texans game with a serious game plan. Also, consider this: Rodgers is just as good as he was last year. 16 TD’s and 4 interceptions. The Rams are a seriously meh team, but still have a solid shot at the division if they can keep their running game healthy, which it is not. Packers to win.

Arizona at Minnesota -6.0
The Cards are hurting. Feely hits a 61 yarder, then misses a 38 yarder (maybe his foot hurt) then after the game we learned Kolb separated some ribs. Well, he’s out for a while, which means Skelton, who cannot run at all, will be in at QB. Expect the Cards to pump up the running game. Considering that the Vikings were out rushed by RGIII alone last week, I think this is a good week for the running game. But I don’t think Skelton can compliment with the pass against the Vikings pass rush. Vikings to win.

Washington at NY Giants -6.0
The Giants are not to be underestimated. I think they’ll have a better record than last year, but might have trouble in the playoffs. That’s thinking too far ahead. The Redskins are still an up and down team, but the play calling is getting better. Like Vick, RGIII can’t seem to stay in the pocket very long. That’s due to poor pass protection though, rather than his urge to run. Unlike Vick, RGIII can pass worth a shit and doesn’t put the ball on the ground. He ran all over the Vikings last week, he doesn’t get so lucky against the Giants D. Giants to win.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay +3.0
I can’t believe how terrible the Saints are playing of late. They certainly needed the bye week. Even with Vilma back, the lack of coaching and terrible play calling is haunting this team. This season is a wash. Just write it off now. The Bucs are surprising at times with their offense, at other times just a disaster. I think they cap the Saints this week. Bucs to win.

Dallas at Carolina +2.5
I’m not a Cowboys fan, but even I was yelling at the TV on Sunday as they showed some terrible time management and play calling at the end of the game. One timeout and you are killing clock to try a game winning 51 yarder instead of grinding for more yards? Weak. I’m taking the Panthers to win this week because I am just disgusted at the way the Cowboys have approached the game, from their monstrosity of a stadium with cheerleaders on stripper poles, to their former player coach who doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

Baltimore at Houston -7.0
The 5-1 Texans welcoming the 5-1 Ravens to Houston? This sounds like a fantastic game! It should be the game of the week! But it’s not. Why isn’t it? Because the Ravens are hurting on defense, like seriously hurting. Ray Lewis is out for the season, most likely ending his career. Webb is out for the season, and Suggs might not be ready to come back yet. Who is going to step up to replace the leadership of Ray Lewis? Someone better do it quick otherwise this defense will fall apart. The Texans secondary played well against the Packers, just were no match for the accuracy of Rodgers. I think with an offensive push against a torn up Ravens front, the Texans will win.

Jacksonville at Oakland -5.0
Oakland came to play last week! The Oakland D was on point, picking off Matt Ryan three times. It wasn’t enough in the end though, but a valiant effort from a team that people have already written off. I’ve written them off, but the Jags are still much worse. The Jags have trouble stopping the run, protecting the run and the list goes on. I’m taking the Raiders.

This game is special. With the entire division at 3-3, both Brady and Sanchez aren’t playing to their potential. Brady isn’t nearly as bad as Sanchez, who is posting the worst QB numbers in the league as far as passer rating. Brady got picked off late against Seattle to seal the loss there, while the Jets looked surprisingly good as they beat up on the Colts. I expect this game to be a comedy of errors on both sides of the ball for both teams. That’s why it’s the crapfest. The winner of this game takes the division lead (pending the results of the Bills game) and I think the winner is going to be the Jets in a crazy, wild and painful to watch upset.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati +1.0
Well, I called the Bungles loss last week. It was bound to happen, the Browns winning that is. Too bad for the Bungles that’s a divisional loss. Tell you what though, Dalton is turning into a hell of a passer, when he’s on target. The offense had a hard time keeping the turnover ratio in their favor, hence the loss. AJ Green has been solid for my fantasy team this year, and I’m starting Dalton this week as replacement QB. The Steelers are vulnerable, perhaps not with ease, but I think the Bengals come back strong this week in the passing game. This one is going to go back and forth, perhaps one point deciding the victor, which will be the Bengals.

Detroit at Chicago -6.0
The Lions are saying that their spark is back, that they are tough again. We’ll see about that. Calvin Johnson didn’t have long to wait in his career before being given the Randy Moss treatment of double coverage, but he still pulls balls out of the air. The Bears are killer on defense this year, and are running the ball pretty well. Brandon Marshall has become nothing short of a beast. I’m taking the Bears this week. Solid.

Atlanta at Bye Week
6-0. Matt Ryan is on fire. This team still needs to get the running game back on track.

Denver at Bye Week
Never count Manning out in the second half. I’m thinking he went into the locker room and told the team it was “Tebow Time.”

Kansas City at Bye Week
The Chiefs week to week need to read a refresher course on running the damn ball.

Miami at Bye Week
The Dolphins, at 3-3 are tied for the AFC East lead. With every other AFC East team.

Philadelphia at Bye Week
Vick is terrible, Andy Reid is shifting blame and firing the wrong people. This season is over.

San Diego at Bye Week
Did the Chargers forget that there are two halves of football to be played? It was like the offense gave up in the second half Monday night.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 6

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Another ten win week last week for me. This paired with two out of three fantasy losses, mostly because I had Reggie Wayne on the bench in both those leagues, and he happened to have a career day. Well, can’t win ‘em all I suppose. It seems that either my game picks are really good, or I win in Fantasy. I can’t have it both ways it appears. Which kind of sucks, because I really like being right, and I really like winning. So there’s that.

The big news this week is that Drew Brees broke Johnny Unitas’ record of consecutive games with a TD pass. Good for Brees. The funny thing about Brees is that if he was drafted now, in the current atmosphere, he’d be out of the league before he would be given a chance to develop. I still feel that a lot of rookie QB’s aren’t given the chance to properly develop before being thrown to the wolves. Some excel under that kind of pressure, like Russell Wilson, while some are generally terrible. But that’s the NFL for ya.

Other big news is the Dolphins won last week. Surprise surprise. Additionally, Brady still owns Manning, and I’m pretty sure I’d like to change any predictions I made about the Green Bay Packers. What is going on there? The Packers aren’t looking much better than the Lions. NFC North – up for grabs. On with Week 6!

Pittsburgh at Tennessee +6.0
It’s been a tough season so far for the Titans. Not only is Chris Johnson not worth the huge contract they gave him, but Locker went down with a shoulder injury. Not that Hasselbeck isn’t good, but he does seem to have entered his football twilight years. The Titans are back home this week, against a Steelers team that is still struggling to find their footing. The running game isn’t what it should be for either team. I’m taking the Steelers to win.

Oakland at Atlanta -9.0
Atlanta is undefeated and looking pretty damn good as an early Superbowl favorite on the NFC side. The only holes in this team is… is… none. The running game is great, Matt Ryan is spot-on with his receivers and the defense is doing exactly what I surmised they’d do. Conversely, the Raiders are the exact opposite. The only bright spot on this team is the glare from the silver on their uniforms. Falcons to win at home.

Cincinnati at Cleveland +1.0 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!
The Bengals drop a crappy game to the Dolphins and suddenly aren’t looking so fucking hot. They are only one point favorites against the Browns, a team who can’t seem to get their late game shit together. After rolling to a 14 point lead against the Giants, they then rolled right on over for the Giants to lay down the beating. 4th quarter defense was non-existent. However, the Browns have been playing strong and again are the best looking shittiest team in the league. I’m taking them to win this week.

St. Louis at Miami -3.5
Ok, I didn’t pick either of these teams to win last week. The Rams showed up against the Cards and totally beat them on defense. The Dolphins, well, I think they just got lucky, taking advantage of a Bengals team that was playing like shit. Their run defense was pretty solid too. I’m sticking with the Dolphins here, as Tannehill and Hartline have become quite the pair.

Indianapolis at NY Jets -3.0
The Jets are terrible. Sure, they are three point favorites here and aren’t as bad as the Browns, but Sanchez looked like absolute shit last week. They can’t figure out what to do with Tebow, and it’s obvious as hell what they are doing when they use him. Another loss and Tebow has got to be moved to the starter. Does his miraculous playoff run last year in Denver count for nothing? Colts to win on the road, beating Green Bay was just the start.

Detroit at Philadelphia -5.0 UPSET SPECIAL!!
Vick is a fucking fraud. Fumbled in the end zone last week, can’t complete anything outside a long bomb or a pitch and run. It’s only a matter of time before Vick becomes road kill. The Lions aren’t playing like a playoff team, they are back to sucking. But the defense is still just as hostile as the environment they are going into. I’m taking the Lions to upset and force Vick to turn over the ball no less than three times.

Kansas City at Tampa Bay -4.0 UPSET SPECIAL #2!!
The 1-4 Chiefs vs. the 1-3 Bucs. It’s a showdown of crap. Brady Quinn will be starting for the Chiefs, finally getting his chance to shine not in a Browns uniform. The Chiefs have the #2 rushing offense in the league, yet only have one win. The Bucs have the 4th ranked rushing defense. This should be fun. Both of them are in the bottom third when it comes to passing offense and defense. However, I think the Chiefs run crack the Bucs defense. Chiefs to upset.

Dallas at Baltimore -3.5
The Ravens defense is going to eat Tony Romo alive. They are going to break off his arms, break off his legs and make Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray watch as they devour him and a ton of turf at the same time. I hope it’s raining on Sunday so they have something to wash him down with. Ravens to win.

Buffalo at Arizona -4.5 UPSET SPECIAL #3!!
The Bills have been smacked around like little bitches since C.J. Spiller went out. It’s like they lost their mojo after losing the #1 rusher. That beating at the hands of the Niners last week, in which the back-up guys were handing it to the Bills in the 4th quarter, has got to wake this team up. The Cardinals come in with a moderate rushing game, and the Bills have proven they can’t stop that. Their best bet is to pressure Kolb, hope he fucks up and rely on the defense to win the game. I think they do. On the road. Upset special number three. Crazy. Bills to upset.

New England at Seattle +3.5
For a second there, I thought that the Broncos might actually come back against the Pats last week. For a second. The Patriots continued their dominance over Peyton Manning, but still looked flawed. I really think the Seahawks, who are playing hot right now, have a valid chance at a win here, but I think the Pats pull it off last minute drive style. Stay tuned for some drama in this one. Pats to win.

New York at San Francisco -4.5
The Niners are looking nearly unstoppable right now. While not undefeated, they are close enough. They put a smacking on the AFC East the past couple weeks and now face the NY Giants, who beat them in the playoffs last year. This game is revenge city, USA. The Niners are going to come out running, play that pistol offense and beat the Giants. Eli is the current king of 4th quarter comebacks, but not this time. Niners to win.

Minnesota at Washington -0.0
Another win for the Vikings means they are a team to watch out for. I like the way their defense is playing and while Ponder isn’t exactly pro-bowl material, he’s getting a lot better managing games. Rolling into a hostile environment of D.C. would normally be a tough game, but the locals are pretty hostile towards their team if they don’t come out winning – and they won’t. RG3 has the drive, but he just doesn’t have the game yet. Give him time. He’ll be what Vick was supposed to be. Vikings to win.

Green Bay at Houston -3.5 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
This is my game of the week for two reasons. The first is the Green Bay Packers record, which sucks. The offense is not clicking, Rodgers seems rushed and the run defense is like wet cardboard. This is their last shot to prove they are still a strong team before the Bears and Vikings leave them behind. The other reason is the Texans are undefeated! Holy shit! Superbowl – Falcons vs. Texans? It’s possible. Think about it. Texans to win.

Denver at San Diego -1.0
Well, the Chargers coughed it up last week. I didn’t watch the entire game, so I can’t give a synopsis of how they ended up losing after being ahead, but I’m guessing it’s cause they suck somehow. Anyway, I can’t pick against Manning two weeks in a row, so Broncos to win.

Chicago at Bye Week
Chicago will win the NFC North.

New Orleans at Bye Week
New Orleans will not win the NFC South.

Carolina at Bye Week
Carolina will not win the NFC South.

Jacksonville at Bye Week
Fire everyone.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 5

Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Whew. With the regular refs back I was able to find some solace in the consistency of the games this past weekend, going a pleasurable 10-5. I knew I shouldn’t have picked the Bucs to win a goddamn thing, and the Falcons cut it close, but all in all a good week to be picking games. The best was Monday night, when the Bears totally destroyed the Cowboys and then some. That was fantastic.

So there’s not too much to talk about this week. I’m going to keep it short and sweet, since the Presidential Debates are on soon (I write this column on Wednesday nights if you haven’t figured that out yet after all these years). I can’t tell who won from the debates, since I haven’t watched the debates yet even though you are reading this after the debates. We still have to vote though, not like it matters. The whole douchebag vs. a turd argument. It doesn’t matter. They are both dirty politicians out to protect the corporations and their financial interests, rather than the good of the people. On with the picks!

Arizona at St. Louis +1.0
I’ve seen better Thursday night games. A year ago this would be a hotly contested battle between two teams that weren’t going to win shit. This year, the Cardinals are undefeated and the Rams are coming off an upset win over the Hawks. The Cards have a tough road ahead of them, but the Rams shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. Their defense stepped up last week, but with only a few days rest and facing a very potent set of receivers, I’m sticking with the Cards in this one.

Miami at Cincinnati -3.5
The Dolphins are hilariously bad this season. Yet they hung in with the Cardinals last week… no fucking way. The Bengals are going to destroy the Dolphins on both sides of the ball. If you have a fantasy league in which you play defensive players, pick up every Bengals LB, CB and so on. Bengals to win.

Green Bay at Indianapolis +7.0
The Colts needed a week off to relax, work on some patterns and prepare for the Packers, a team looking to reassert themselves. The Colts could steal this game, because the Packers running game is still trying to find its legs. Regardless, the Colts defense is nothing to be proud of at this point, and allows a shit ton of rushing yards. Packers to win.

Baltimore at Kansas City +7.0
The Chiefs didn’t fare so well last week, biting it hard to the Chargers. This week, another road team rolls into KC looking for a pushover team. The Ravens have holes, the Browns exploited them for most of the game. Press coverage and flushing out the QB. Can KC pull that off? This is a game where I’d love to call a home team upset, but I just can’t. The Ravens defense is too good.

Cleveland at NY Giants -13.0 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!
I guess if there is any solace for the winless Browns, it’s that the Saints are also win-less. Though after this week, I’m thinking only the Browns will be win-less. Giants to win.

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh -2.5 GAME OF THE WEEK!
Always a fun game, this in-state rivalry is never without a little violence. The Steelers defense has one mission and one mission only – destroy Michael Vick. I’m pissed that the Eagles beat the Giants, that was bullshit. Vick isn’t any good, he just gets lucky. Harrison, smash! Steelers to win.

Atlanta at Washington +3.0
The Redskins played a close game against the Bucs, who had the win in hand then fucked it up. They are looking moderately okay, as long as the offense stays healthy. They still don’t have much of a running game. The Falcons, well, they are going to be near unstoppable this year. I smell an upset though, but I have to stick with the Falcons to win.

Seattle at Carolina -2.0
I guess I better start picking some home teams to win. Statistics demand it. The Panthers came on strong against the Falcons, but Cam Newton and his dumb fucking touchdown dance pissed off the football gods and they were handed a last second defeat, after a Cam Newton fumble. That’s right Superman. How’s that stupid fucking dance working out for you now? Regardless, the Panthers are offensively playing stronger than the Seahawks are playing defensively. Panthers to win.

Chicago at Jacksonville +6.0
No upset brewing here. Cutler and crew calmly destroyed the Cowboys on Monday night, handling Romo with ease, with five interceptions, two returned for TD’s. This veteran defense is playing amazing. The Jags have no chance. No chance. Bears to win.

Tennessee at Minnesota -5.5
At this point, after beating two good teams in a row (respectively good that is) the Vikings cannot be ignored. Their defense is playing amazing, at both the run defense and the secondary. Special teams play has also been great, with the runners finding the gaps and exploiting weak special teams defenses. The Titans have a weak everything. Vikings to win.

Denver at New England -6.5
Manning looked like his old self against the Raiders, but the Raiders defense blows chunks. I still think that Manning hasn’t clicked with his offensive line, and going into a hostile environment against a team that has a deadly offense will be trouble for Manning. He’ll be playing from behind, communication will be a problem. The key for Denver is taking the crowd out of it as quickly as possible, which means scoring first. This game could really go either way, if it was being played in Denver. Patriots to win at home.

Buffalo at San Francisco -8.0
For two quarters it looked like the Bills were going to pull off the upset last week, then they didn’t. They got beat and beat hard. Alex Smith makes better decisions though, so shouldn’t make as many mistakes. The Niners are up and down this year, and having trouble establishing any kind of solid rhythm. Last week, with the pistol offense, that was pure genius. A rout of the Jets was just what this team needed to get back on track. A rout of the Bills will help as well. Niners to win.

San Diego at New Orleans -3.5
The Chargers came alive last week while the Saints took another knife to the chest. But is any of this for real? A Saints fan pointed out the Saints could still finish 12-4, but with no competent coaching and a defense that appears to be asleep at the wheel, is that possible? As for the Chargers, they tend to appear in a win, better than they are. The Saints are going to wake up this week and win. That’s not a guarantee, but close to it.

Houston at NY Jets +9.0
The Jets have become my no-pick team this year. TEBOW! TEBOW! Houston to win.

Tampa Bay at Bye Week
Hmm… didn’t pick any upsets this week. In that case, the Bucs have a bad bye week.

Oakland at Bye Week
The Raiders, no high draft picks until like 2014… how’s that Carson Palmer trade working out for ya?

Dallas at Bye Week
When are they going to stop thinking Romo is any better than one of those tennis ball machines?

Detroit at Bye Week
Good. Megatron needs to rest up. All that running and no catching a tired receiver makes.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 4

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Let’s put my personal record aside for a moment. How can I pick games properly when the replacement refs are clearly affecting the outcome? You might not think so, and I don’t fully blame the replacements as they are doing their best in a very tough situation, but the NFL has to realize that their product is being devalued right? They do, they just don’t care because we’re not going to stop watching. No matter how many coaches and players complain (mostly on the losing end) the NFL isn’t going to just give in to the refs, because there is money involved.

Here’s the deal, not only is the quality of the game being affected by blown calls and terrible pacing, but the players and coaches are getting a bit out of control. The replacements are unable to control the game, from keeping the pace to keeping the players and coaches in line. It’s a cluster fuck. Monday nights game was the tipping point for a lot of players and fans. There is a harsh truth about that Packers loss, that doesn’t fall solely on the backs of the refs. More on that in a minute.

So what can be done to fix this problem? Even if an agreement is reached, getting the refs back into the game would take at least two weeks with uniform re-fits and standard medical testing. But the NFL needs these guys back in the game now to keep this season from becoming one big joke. Again, the NFL really doesn’t give a shit unless revenue is affected. Do I think the real refs deserve everything they are asking for, like a pension plan? No, I don’t. They aren’t subject to the same physical punishment as the players. They don’t need a pension. Do I think the NFL should cave and give them whatever they want to maintain the integrity of the game? Hell yes. Let’s end this fuckery and get the NFL back. It’s bad enough we may not have any hockey as well.

As of this writing there are conflicting reports about the refs coming to a tentative agreement with the NFL owners. I don’t buy it, but we’ll see if something comes of it. The money of this should come to note, as apparently each owner would have to cough up around 100k to make this deal happen. I don’t know if that’s true, or if that’s a per season cost but I can’t imagine it’s much more than that anyway. I’d love to see the refs back on Thursday night, since you know that game is going to suck anyway. Even if they strike a deal tonight there is no way that they’ll be ready in time since the league switched from Reebok to Nike and fielding refs in Reebok gear would probably violate some other money making agreement, regardless of the safety issues. To the NFL, money is much more important than player safety. I think they’ve made that much clear.

UPDATE: They struck a deal. Regular refs will be back starting with tonight’s game. About fucking time.

Cleveland at Baltimore -12.5
There was one moment last week where I thought the Browns could pull it off and win against the Bills. That moment quickly passed and I wrote it off as gas. The Ravens finally got some revenge against the Patriots, but how much did the refs really have to do with that win? Well, there were some blown calls, some time management issues and yeah, the Ravens had some help. Regardless, they stayed close enough to beat out the Pats in the end. Ravens to win this week with relative ease.

Carolina at Atlanta -6.0
Only six points? The Falcons offense is shredding opponents. Last week my boy Ryan (my fantasy starter) went for 275 passing yards and three TD’s against the Chargers. Ok, the Chargers aren’t that great on defense. Whatever. The point is, the Falcons are probably the best in the NFC right now, and could face the undefeated Cardinals later this year. Carolina is tons of meh. Teams figured out Newton pretty damn quick and exposed him for the poor pocket passer he is. Falcons at home.

New England at Buffalo +4.5
The Patriots own the Bills. I mean, like property. The Bills have no chance, any season, no matter how good they are on offense. With Spiller out, there is no way Tashard Choice carries this team the rest of the way. I’m putting a fork in them. Their rushing game was all they had. Just skating by the Browns isn’t bolstering any confidence in the rest of the offense. Pats to win.

Minnesota at Detroit -0.0
When the Vikings went for it on 4th down early in the game I smelled upset. Sure, I picked the Niners to win – who didn’t? And that upset brewed and was served up nice and delicious. Sucks for the Niners. The Vikings suddenly looked like a playoff caliber team, even if Ponder was still a bit shaky and relied mostly on pitches and the running game. The Detroit defense is just as tough as the Niner defense, but are more likely to show up this week after a heartbreaking loss in over time last week to the Titans. I’m taking Detroit at home.

San Diego at Kansas City +1.0
Yeah, I’m not sold on the Chargers this year. They started off a little bit hot, then certainly fizzled. The Chiefs have done the opposite of that, starting off with two losses then a crazy overtime win against the falling Saints. The Chargers have not found a good running game, while the Chiefs have found a really good running game. I don’t think the Chargers fare well this week and I’m taking the Chiefs to surprise them.

Seattle at St. Louis +3.0
This has been one batshit crazy season hasn’t it? Last week was one of my worst ever for picks, with three overtime games that I got wrong. Not to mention games are 15% longer due to the crappy officiating. One thing is for sure though, the Seahawks are surprising the crap out of everyone. That was a shit win, but a win nonetheless and the Seahawks are looking to take the division lead. They’ll have to pray Arizona loses first. This week, they face a Rams team that isn’t ready to give up, even though they got whipped by Chicago. There is a lot of parity in the league this year, and I’m taking the Rams to rebound this week and put the Hawks in their place.

San Francisco at NY Jets +3.0
In probably one of the cleanest games (as far as officiating is concerned) this weekend, the Jets pulled out an overtime win. That’s because both the Jets and Dolphins sucked for 4 1/2 quarters. I thought it was going to be a tie. The Jets kept trotting out Tebow like some fucking novelty, which never paid off. C’mon, just start him at tight end already. The Niners shouldn’t have too much of an issue with the Jets terrible offense, even though their defense showed some major holes last week. Niners to win.

Tennessee at Houston -10.5
The Titans got their first win of the season, 44 points and Jake Locker was their leading rusher. That speaks more to how much the Lions were sucking it rather than the Titans being awesome. This week, at Houston, who is scary dominant and undefeated the Titans will see if Schaub still remembers how to pass after the whack he took last week. Regardless, even if he’s forgotten, they can just give the ball to Foster all day. Texans to win.

Oakland at Denver -5.5 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!!
Who ever thought that Peyton would be in a game I’m calling a crapfest? He’s been terrible this year, and it’s his fault. Here’s why – he expects his Denver line to play just like his Colts line did all those years. But that relationship took time to develop, with all his quirks. He won’t get that synergy with this line. So he’ll continue to be terrible. The Raiders are coming off their most violent game of the season, so that should make this one fun to watch. Denver to win.

Miami at Arizona -6.0
I can’t see the Dolphins winning much more than a bowling trophy this year. The Cardinals are coming off another huge win, Kolb cock smacking Andy Reid and the Eagles like a bitch. The undefeated Cardinals are going to punish the Dolphins right in the blowhole. Cards to win.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville +1.0
I think by some stroke of luck, the Jags got lucky. Oh wait, they did. Wait, that sentence is redundant. Either way, a nice game ending 80 yard pass to who-dat Cecil Shorts was all the Jags needed to win their first game of the season. The Bengals, well, they shoved the Redskins around like playground bullies, on defense and offense. Bengals to win.

New Orleans at Green Bay -5.0
Headlines are blaming the refs for the Packers loss at Seattle, in which the Packers scored a terrible 12 points. Rodgers averages 28 points per game, highest of any QB and you are going to blame the refs? If the Packers were up by 30 the last play of the game wouldn’t matter, that would have been a garbage touchdown. Sure, that call at the end was crap, but so fucking what? The Packers offense was stinking the whole game. Blame the offense. Blame McCarthy for playing like a pussy with a 12-6 lead for most of the game. Blame the Packers receivers for not getting open. After the game Rodgers said “We shouldn’t have been in that position.” Damn straight. You should have been up by 3 TD’s at that point. Plus, that was bad defense by the Packers. A pass up in the end zone like that – you knock it down. You don’t try to catch. Knock it down! Yes, the refs missed a clear offensive pass interference call, but it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is to that point, the Packers played like shit on offense and didn’t deserve to win that game. Had Jennings punched that ball out of the air, or Tate’s reach instead of fighting for the catch, we wouldn’t even be having this convo. Or if the refs had flagged Tate for shoving Shields to the ground. Regardless, bad call or not, the Packers played like shit the whole game and deserve to be 1-2. Regardless, the 0-3 Saints are lost, drifting like non-pressure treated wood in the aftermath of Katrina. Too soon? Packers to win.

Washington at Tampa Bay -3.0
The city of Tampa sports bobbleheads think because the Bucs held Romo in check most of the game last week that they are ready to bust out of their shell and become a quality team. Whatever. The Bucs are not going to blast off into the playoffs. But they are going to beat the Redskins, who are struggling to figure out if they have a running game outside of RG3, who is going to get killed this week. Bucs to win.

New York at Philadelphia -1.0 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
This is the game of the week, to me, because I think this is the game where the Eagles get put away for good this season. Sure, it would only drop them to 2-2, but they were exposed for the shit offense they are last week as the Cardinals just tore them up. Vick is a fraud and will be either out injured or benched after this game. Giants to win.

Chicago at Dallas -3.5 UPSET SPECIAL!!
Sure the Bears are on the road, but the Cowboys are nothing spectacular right now. The Bears can halt the run with relative ease and Culter is finding great rhythm with his receivers. I’ve got the Bears mauling the Cowboys, even if the game is in that monstrosity of a stadium in Dallas.

Indianapolis at Bye Week
The Colts have got to work on getting Luck to not overthrow his receivers. That’s some rookie shit that he’s got to overcome.

Pittsburgh at Bye Week
The Steelers are getting old. That is all.

Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 3

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

From 9-7 week one to 7-9 week two, you can only assume that this week I’ll go 5-11. Not sure where I went wrong, I picked the Carolina upset, but put too much faith in the Bears and the RedSkins. Not to mention the Cowboys losing and the Broncos losing in spectacular fashion. Pretty sure that this tear of bad allergies I’ve been on lately has clouded my vision when it comes to picking these games. I don’t think in my decade of doing this I’ve ever started out this bad. That makes me 50% on the season so far and that sucks major sack.

Speaking about sacks, the Bills grew a pair and slaughtered the Chiefs in Buffalo. Then Vick won again, this time against the Ravens. I’m telling you, this guy is a fraud and he will be outed as a fraud soon enough. It’s tough to say week two who the winners and losers are really going to be. We have some surprising 2-0 teams and some really surprising 0-2 teams. Then we have standout rookie QB’s and mostly non-standout rookie QB’s. There isn’t a split there. Then we have the Patriots, who I predicted to go 16-0. Then we have the Browns, who are 0-2, but scrappy as hell still. Then we have… nevermind, it’s a mess.

So while DigitalDads glorious leader CC Chapman is off in Spain speaking at some conference about something related to something or other, the rest of us schulbs get to stay here and not eat cool food. But, we get to watch football. So take that CC! Either way, the picks are in, my mind is set (not really) and here comes week three, starting with another Thursday night game. Damn deadlines. Last weeks column was a lengthy 2500 words, I’ll be keeping that count lower going forward. At least, I hope. Seems like I’m losing you all after the open. On with the picks!

New York at Carolina +2.5 UPSET SPECIAL!!
How close the Giants were to going 0-2, but Eli is a professional and took control late in the game once again to beat the Bucs. This week, Bradshaw is sidelined which means the running game might struggle a little bit. Carolina surprised the Saints last week, and looked good doing it. They did it on the ground, which goes against defensive gameplans when playing against Cam Newton. That is, he didn’t run everything. I’m taking the Panthers to upset.

St. Louis at Chicago -7.0
Last week I underestimated the Rams and over estimated the Bears. The Rams won on a late field goal miss by the Redskins, but were with them the whole game. I wouldn’t say Bradford looked sharp for once, cause he didn’t, but the defense looked a whole hell of a lot better. Cutler is already under fire from Bears fans and talking heads, for what? Losing against Green Bay? Give me a break. Bears are solid. Bears to win at home.

Buffalo at Cleveland +3.0 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!!
Pretty much every Browns game will be the crapfest of the week. This team is plucky, but they aren’t going to get the wins by staying in the game. If anything, the thing that has kept them in the game has been opposition defense. The Bills defense isn’t as great as beating the Chiefs would make them seem. That was all Bills offense. This after a week in which Fitzy threw like 100 interceptions. Expect him to throw more against Cleveland. This game could go either way, and even though I predicted the Browns to go 1-15, I’m taking them to win this week.

Tampa Bay at Dallas -9.0
That line is really deceiving. The Bucs defense is strong and made Eli Manning look like a rookie last week. Meanwhile, the Cowboys took a drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks. I didn’t see many highlights from this game on the Cowboys side. I expect the Bucs to stay in the game, maybe get damn close to winning it, but I’m taking the Cowboys to bounce back this week with a home win.

Detroit at Tennessee +4.0
So far this season Calvin Johnson isn’t really living up being my first round pick in many fantasy leagues. Instead, the Lions are relying on the ground game of Smith and a lot of tight end involvement. Ok, I can dig on that. The Titans are hurting, taking another beating this past week. Locker is back in the game, but he’s not any good yet. Of course that offensive line isn’t helping much. Detroit should send the Titans to 0-3.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis -3.5
Another beating last week were the Jags at the hands of the Texans. They just couldn’t stop the run to save their lives. While the Colts don’t have the strongest running game, their defense is starting to mesh a little bit and they held Peterson to 60 yards last week. Luck is syncing with his receivers and I’m telling you, this team is going to surprise you. Colts to win.

NY Jets at Miami +3.0
Yet another ass whipping last week, but the Dolphins were on the winning side of it. Who knew? Reggie Bush rushed for 172 yards in one fucking game! If you thought he was done, he ain’t. Bush faces a stingy run defense, but a secondary that gives up a lot of yards. Tannehill is going to have to come out of his rookie shell a bit if he hopes to beat the Jets. Sanchez isn’t the best QB, but he can find the holes in a crappy secondary just as good as any other QB. Jets to win.

San Francisco at Minnesota +6.0
This is pretty easy to pick. The Vikings aren’t that good at all. Ponder is going to find himself backing up Tannehill next year if he doesn’t get it going with his receivers. The defense is terrible, the offensive line is shaky… the Niners are going to tear them a new one. Niners to win.

Kansas City at New Orleans -9.5
The Saints are the best 0-2 team. I hate writing that. That’s so cliche. What a flaming pile of turd. Sadly, they are. The Chiefs by no account should be able to handle the Saints, and the Saints were bested by better teams, I think. Anyway, the Chiefs are having trouble getting any offense going this season and the Saints really, really need a win. Saints at home.

Cincinnati at Washington -2.0
Oh man, the Redskins were so close to starting off the season 2-0, but a late missed field goal kept them from the win. Other than that, this is the best this team has looked in years. They finally have a franchise QB and while he doesn’t quite have the receiver core he’s going to need for the future, RGIII is looking good. The Bengals almost lost to the Browns, so, Redskins to win.

Philadelphia at Arizona +5.5
Ugh. I dislike both these teams. Vick is a piece of shit and has gotten lucky the past two weeks to go 2-0. Both times, he should have lost. The Cardinals surprised everyone last week with their pretty clean win against the Patriots. It wasn’t a blowout, they nearly lost save for the Patriots taking too many late penalties. The Cardinals aren’t ready for the basement in the NFC West this year. Cards to win at home and surprise the Eagles.

Atlanta at San Diego -3.0
Does Philip Rivers have a new favorite tight end? Dante Rosario with two touchdowns last week, Antonio Gates with zero. How many of you have Rosario on your fantasy team? So many teams are running dual TE sets right now, it’s hard to pick just one and stick with him. I suggest going with the match-ups and picking one up off waivers. Basically, whomever is playing the Browns. I’d pick the Chargers any other day, but the Falcons defense made Manning look like a chump last week. They are playing great across the middle of the field, where Rivers likes to throw. I’m taking the Falcons to win. Not just cause I have Ryan, Falcons D & Tony Gonzalez on my fantasy team.

Houston at Denver +1.0
As much as I want to pick Denver to win this game, as much as I want to see Peyton do well in Denver, the Texans have one of the best past rushes and the best running games in the league. Foster is going to shred the Denver defense, who then will be shredded in the air. The only hope for Denver is that Peyton gets his communication with the offensive line straightened out because they were a mess last week. He’s bringing years of chicken calling at the line to a line that isn’t used to it. Houston to win on the road.

Pittsburgh at Oakland +3.0
Carson Palmer threw for nearly 400 yards against the Dolphins, yet still looked like shit. There was no running game, and that was against a mediocre defense. How do you think they are going to do against a good rush defense in the Steelers? Not so well. Eventually the Steelers have to play the Ravens twice, but not this week. Steelers to win on the road.

New England at Baltimore -3.0 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
I was screaming at the television as Flacco, with nearly two minutes left in the game against the Eagles, kept flinging the ball to short yardage or outlet receivers, or going for it deep, rather than just get it to Rice. Rice was tearing up the Eagles all game, they couldn’t handle him. He didn’t touch the ball but once on an outlet pass in that final possession. So the Eagles won and the Ravens looked like tools. Same thing for New England, they had a final chance to drive for a field goal and win it, but penalties and Brady flinging the ball around like a wild man kept them from it. It made no sense. Seemed like panic coaching. Both coming off a loss, this game is a replay of the AFC Championship last year, in which the Ravens should have won. So I’m picking them to win this week instead. I know, I predicted the Pats to go 16-0, obviously that’s not going to happen.

Green Bay at Seattle +6.0
Wow. All I have to say is wow about the Seahawks. I mean, who saw that coming? The whole team came together and Russell Wilson looked damn good for a rookie QB. He was making smart decisions and picking apart that Cowboys secondary for first downs. But it was the veteran Lynch that really put the Cowboys away. Green Bay though is coming off a week and a half rest, a re-energized defense. They still don’t have much of a running game, but they are the stronger team. I’m sticking with the Packers on this one.

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