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Vigorous Sex Burns Calories. Just Not For YOU.

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Surely you’ve heard that sexual activity counts as exercise. But not just any old sex will do. We’re talking vigorous sex.

However, if you were planning to build your new exercise regime around your prodigious lovemaking sessions, first ask yourself these three key questions.

1. When was the last time you actually had truly vigorous sex?
Be honest here. Not only about when it happened last, but about whether it would truly qualify as vigorous. That is, heart-pounding, out-of-breath, sweat-pouring sex. Assuming it took place at some point in this calendar year, you may proceed to the next question…

2. How long did it last?
Seriously now, did the session take as long as an episode of Two and a Half Men? Or was it more like two and a half minutes? If your mad lovemaking lasted about as long as an aerobics class at the gym, you may proceed to the next question…

3. Was there anyone else involved?
I’m not judging. I’m just saying that the idea of intense vigorous sexual activity in this context assumes you’re operating with a partner. Good for you, I suppose, if you’ve gotten to this point in the questionnaire on “auto-pilot.” However, you’re hard-pressed to burn many calories with solitary viewing of internet porn. And it does nothing to increase your circle of friends.

OK. You’ve made it this far, which means that 1) you have had truly vigorous sex in the recent past; 2) it lasted at least as long as a half-hour TV show; and 3) you were not alone. Well done. Now, one final question…

How often is this happening for you?

Really, for vigorous sex to qualify as legit exercise, you’re going to need to be doing it regularly…like three to six times a week.

If you are regularly having intense, long-lasting, cardiovascular sex more than three times a week, congratulations! You win.

If not, get your ass to the gym.

That means you. All of you.

Gillette Invite Men to Declare My City is My Gym!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

There isn’t a guy on this planet who doesn’t wish they were in better shape.

Even when we find a healthy lifestyle and get in shape, it is important to stay active and find new ways to challenge outselves. But, balancing that with the hectic live most of us live makes it hard to get to a gym on a regular basis. Plus, when you add in the cost of joining a gym, it isn’t always possible.

This is why the new “My City is My Gym” campaign from Gillette caught our attention.

With the bootcamp and CrossFit style of fitness gaining popularity, they wanted to encourage men to take their exercise routines outdoors and put Gillette’s Odor Shield Anti-perspirant/Deodorant to the test.

Harnessing this growing trend of outdoor physical activity, Gillette is partnering with three hometown professional athletes to create pop-up outdoor “My City is My Gym” fitness sites across the country.

On October 4th, hockey star Patrick Sharp was in Chicago, on October 18th, former pro football star Dhani Jones will be in New York City, and on November 8th, football legend Jerry Rice will be in San Francisco to challenge locals to expand their fitness regimes outdoors.

The outdoor fitness stations were designed by the nation’s top fitness experts and capitalize on common urban surroundings, like bus shelters, construction scaffolding, city greenways, park benches, and even newsstands, to create the ultimate all-around workout.

“Gillette has a rich sports heritage and continuously aims to tap men’s key passion points. This, of course, includes daily workout and fitness,” said Jason Partin, Brand Manager at Proceter & Gamble. “The ‘My City is My Gym’ campaign is designed to show men they can count on Gillette Odor Shield during any rigorous activity, including outdoor exercise.”

Men can visit Gillette Odor Shield’s “My City is My Gym” pop-up outdoor fitness sites in each city to meet the professional athletes on the first day, get in an urban workout, or simply pick up some outdoor fitness tips. Local urban training maps and outdoor exercise guides can also be found at

We love this idea, but are left asking one major question:

When are they coming to Boston??

Head Games

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Head Games | Bee Squad | Digital Dads
For practically the whole summer thus far I’ve been absent from these digital pages. Other than a few weeks where the kids, my wife and I passed a bug between the four of us I have no other reason besides that I’ve been in a funk. I haven’t really done anything terribly interesting the kitchen worth writing about and I’ve been preoccupied with a professional project that is hopefully (finally) ready for the light of day.

About a week ago I was watching some of the Bee Well for Life videos produced by Bumble Bee Foods in conjunction with professional tennis player Mardy Fish. Of the nine episodes that have been released one in particular, Head Games, struck a cord with me. In between taking care of my kids, handling the day to day business of our household, as well as, preparing to launch a new professional endeavor, I’ve been neglecting many of the things I intended to address to make myself feel better.

After watching Head Games I began to realize that over the last year or so I’d gotten away from the habit of eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Being a diabetic the smaller, more frequent meals not only gave me more energy, but also kept my blood sugar in tighter control. Unfortunately between our move earlier this year, adapting to life in the new house, and everything else we have had going on I didn’t put enough time into doing what is right for me. And, of course, I have no one to blame but myself for that.

Over this past week I’ve made a more conscious effort to do the small things that are making me feel better, both physically and mentally. I’ve started planning out my weekly meals again and am having two small snacks a day in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. My energy level has been better, which has improved my mood, my concentration and my interest in getting back in the kitchen and doing something fun.

There are a bunch of great videos in the BeeWell for Life series, but I thought I’d share the Head Games one with you here. After the video there is an opportunity to win a fun prize pack from Bumble Bee Foods if you are interested in sharing your tips and tricks for how you get yourself out of a funk.

Now for the giveaway. Between now and 11:59pm on Saturday, August 4, 2012 you can enter to win the following prize pack by leaving a comment and telling us what you do to keep your head in the game when you see things in your life start going sideways. You can leave multiple comments with different tips, tricks or advice and one winner will be chosen via from all the entries received.

BeeWell For Life Giveaway | Digital Dads

  • 1 Bumble Bee Sensations Lemon & Pepper
  • 1 Bumble Bee Sensations Sun-dried Tomato & Basil
  • 1 Can Solid White Albacore
  • 2 Bumble Bee Coupons
  • 1 Signed Mardy Fish Tennis Ball
  • 1 Bumble Bee Hat
  • 1 Stop Diabetes reusable tote
  • 1 American Diabetes Association Pen
  • 1 American Diabetes Association Bracelet
  • 1 Bumble Bee Lunch Bag
  • 1 WomenHeart Pedometer
  • 1 Issue of Diabetes Forecast Magazine
  • 1 WomenHeart Brochure

Disclosure: As part of the Bee Squad I receive product information and samples and Bumble Bee sponsored my attendance at the 2012 Type A Parent conference. I was not compensated in any other way, nor was I offered or promised anything else in exchange or my review of their products, recipes or BeeWell For Life program. All opinions contained herein are my own.

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(RED)Rush to Zero

Friday, June 1st, 2012

My favorite color has always been red.

I remember when I first heard about the (RED) campaign years ago where companies could release special editions of their products with a chunk of the proceeds going towards AIDS research I loved it.

Fast forward to earlier this year when I traveled to Ghana with ONE and I first hand saw the benefits of buying these products. Talking with mothers who were HIV+ and thanks to new drugs had not passed it on to their children was amazing. Walking a hospital’s halls and seeing a file room full of thousands of folders of HIV+ patients really brought it all home.

That is why I’m supporting and encouraging you to as well their latest campaign called the (RED)Rush to Zero.

This campaign is running from today June 1st until June 10th and there are SO many ways you can get involved.

When you look at the results (RED) has achieved it is mind blowing. The fact that they are currently striving for an AIDS free generation by 2015 is a massive goal that I hope and pray they achieve.

I hope everyone I know gets involved in some fashion. The work that ONE and (RED) do are changing lives and helping the world at the same time. Thinking that this is just an African issue and thus you don’t need to pay attention to it is short sighted and incorrect.

BeeWell For Life

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

We’ve been in our new house a few months now, but I’m still feeling the effects of the move. Between packing up at our old house, living out of boxes while we waited on word that the sale was going to close and unearthing everything to regain a functional kitchen we ate out a lot.

Unsurprisingly, I packed on a few extra pounds beyond the many I needed to get rid of in the first place. Over the last month or so we started making smarter decisions in terms of what we eat. I’ve been cooking more seafood lately because we enjoy it and because it is better for us. The only downside to that is some of the fish we enjoy can be rather pricey. As a result, I’ve been working on incorporating things like canned tuna fish into the lunch rotation to provide us better options.

Another thing that I’ve been trying to do to improve my health and overall well being has been getting out for walks. The toughest thing about that is staying motivated or working to find the time to do it. Between shuttling the kids to school, to the park, running errands, or making meals for my family it is pretty easy for me to put off my daily walk because I just have too much to do.

Like last year I am part of Bumble Bee Food’s Bee Squad and through that we have been learning about their BeeWell for Life program. Through this program Bumble Bee is giving people like me an incentive to make the necessary changes in our lives and by doing so enables us to turn our actions into points that can become donations to one of three worthy causes. After signing up for BeeWell for Life you can earn points by logging your mileage walking, running, jogging or biking; recording your calorie intake; or completing other wellness challenges such as adding another serving of vegetables to your dinner.

Each day you can earn three points for each mile you walk, run or bike, four points for entering in your caloric intake and three points for each wellness challenge you complete. If, for instance, you walk 10 miles, enter your daily intake and complete one wellness challenge in a day will accumulate 37 points for the day, which equates to roughly $3.70 that you’ve raised for the charity of your choice. Through the BeeWell for Life program Bumble Bee has already donated $150,000 to the three charities that are part of the program and the participants have the ability to raise $12,500 per month with a maximum of $300,000 committed through 2012.

For me my biggest challenge is getting motivated to exercise, so I’m hoping that by participating in the BeeWell for Life program that I can earn enough points to help increase the donation to my chosen charity. If you’re looking for another way to stay motivated while getting healthy and would like to do some good in the process, then check out the BeeWell for Life site to learn more about the program and sign up.

Disclosure: As part of the Bee Squad I receive product information and samples and Bumble Bee is sponsoring my trip to Type A Parent. I was not compensated in any other way, nor was I offered or promised anything else in exchange or my review of their products, recipes or BeeWell For Life program. All opinions contained herein are my own.

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What Paula Dean Did Wrong: Feeding America A Line of Bull

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Paula Deen is a hero to millions. With restaurants, books, magazines, TV shows and more, Deen is both an icon and an industry.

So many people really seem to love her, understandably. She is lively, gregarious, charming and fun. And she cooks the kind of Southern fried favorites that people dream of, doing it with joy in her heart.

But hers is also the kind of food that can bring you some trouble over the long term if you eat too much of it too often. As evidenced now by Paula Deen herself. Hey, I like fried chicken as much as the next guy, but I don’t make a steady diet of it.

So when it was announced this week on the Today Show that Paula was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, it was as surprising as an alcoholic waking up with a hangover and tremors.

The real surprise surfaced when she revealed that she was diagnosed three years ago. That’s right, she has known about her condition for three years. Al Roker rightly inquired as to why she waited until now to say anything at all about it.

Because, she said, she had “nothing to bring to the table.”

Except that she did.

For three whole years, she continued to bring to the American table a steady diet of the very same death-defying food that brought her Type II diabetes. Her belated claims of having preached moderation would be laughable if they weren’t so transparent.

What finally brought Paula out of the pantry was her announcement that she is now being paid as a spokesperson for a big drug company that sells diabetes medicine. She had the opportunity to do the right thing without having to be compensated. Instead, whether one views hers as a savvy business maneuver or a distasteful, disingenuous hypocrisy is up for discussion. As is her legacy.

She had the prerogative not to say a word, but how many others have been similarly diagnosed during her three-year silence? She has to live with her coverup.

As of now, the Paula Deen message is that you can eat as much of whatever you want as you’d like without regard or worry because there’s a drug for that.

But she still has the opportunity to do the right thing and turn this into what they call a “teachable moment.”

What do you think?

Circumcision, Circumlocutious, and Loquacious Punditocracies

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Circumcision, circumlocutious, and loquacious punditocracies is what I hear in the subtext when someone asks, “So are you going to circumcise your son?” Of course, the big words are fun and I dare anyone to try to say the title fast without a slip up – kinda hard, which brings me back to the subject at hand: the penile foreskin (the male prepuce).

Alright, let me start by sharing that this was my first experience of prejudice. It was 1981, 6th grade camp, and the parents of one of my classmates had arrived early morning after the first night. Apparently, my classmate didn’t want to shower with the rest of the boys because he was embarrassed that he was uncircumcised. The issue made no sense to me at the time, until I got to secondary school (Jr. High) and heard and saw all the bantering, bullying, and humiliation going on in the showers from the majority (circumcised) against the minority (uncircumcised). Again, too young to understand except to not hang around in the showers, and so I figured this was a terrible school issue – but who cares?

Well, apparently, most everyone does care and has an opinion on the matter! My “full circle” Oprah moment happened when someone asked me, “So are you going to circumcise your son?” That question then morphed into the, “So did you circumcise your son?” This question is laden with instant peer pressure, politics and personal preferences, all the makings of prejudice and none of which had any interest or concern for what my son might want. Well I did make my ruling as to whether my son would wear a turtle neck, V-neck, or perhaps a tailored crew neck. However, it’s no one’s business, but I marvel as to how the matter of the foreskin keeps coming up.

I just saw a daytime show which exhibited a few doctors, and the female doctor was advocating for circumcision. She was over the top about her opinion. A male doctor was advocating how unnecessary circumcision was, and he was promptly cut off by her. He tried to chime in again, but a different male doctor gave him a look of disgust, and so the conversation was over. It was horrible high school peer pressure again (sigh).

Still, women have preferences as to what they want and they do express them. Men have preferences too, but I think men are more concerned by the shame factor. At the men’s urinals, there is this constant shuffling which has something to do with privacy and embarrassment (I think), or perhaps a post-school-traumatic-foreskin-humiliation effect.

Now, let me clarify my earlier overgeneralization by saying that “everyone” in the U.S. has an opinion on the matter. While the rest of the world couldn’t care less about their foreskin (excepting religious or medical concerns), it is in the U.S. where there are very strong anti and pro circumcision groups, as well as foreskin restoration groups. Yes, I did say foreskin restoration, and I’m not talking about the cosmetic surgery type. With foreskin restoration, people wrap their penis with surgical tape and pull the skin using weights, suspenders or other devices – and with great success! While the 20,000-70,000 nerve endings that were lopped off with the original foreskin may not return, sensitivity and lubrication does increase. For aging men, extra sensitivity would not be a bad thing to have.

So, why does it matter so much for Americans? I don’t know but let me do a quick flash of stats. In the U.S., most men are circumcised – or at least in 1985 that would have been the case. Back then, someone did a study that did spot checks and found that 77% to 98% percent of baby boys were being circumcised – so my classmate was part of that minority. Presently, according to the New York Times, the rates have since dropped to 32.5% in 2009. This has been largely due to American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations of “risk to benefit” health concerns, perhaps also some insurances not willing to pay for the procedure and/or just American politics. This just doesn’t seem to be in issue for the rest of the world.

In Canada, for example, circumcision is not covered by health care except for medical reason. There is no need for it, which is why the Canadian Paediatric Society has recommended against routine circumcision, and the rates have also gone down from nearly 40,000 in 1996 to less than 20,000 in 2005. While these numbers may sound like a lot, consider that there are over 30 million people in Canada. Whether one is circumcised or not, just isn’t a political issue.

So after all this circumlocutious, regarding the loquacious punditocracies out there, I propose we get past the circumcision rhetoric, and also stop using the terms “circumcised” and “uncircumcised” because it’s pejorative. Or if you’re feeling vengeful, then use “foreskin” and “foreskinless,” or “pen-glan-sensational” and “pen-glan-senseless.” Personally, I say…

Obese Is The New Fat

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

“Food is the New Fashion,” declared Martha Stewart in the Huffington Post last week. She claims that “eating and entertaining have become haute couture,” adding that “what’s in your pantry and on your plate have become a form of self-expression much like a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutins.”

Forgive me for the buzz kill, but I’m compelled to add: “Obese is the New Fat.”

I’m all for Martha’s “heirloom tomatoes,” her “organic, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, humanely raised beef,” and “the pleasures of a seasonal, sustainable diet.” Hey, I like food as much as the next guy. Even more so. But something just ain’t right.

Americans are officially the fattest people in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Seventy-two percent of American men and 64 percent of women are overweight or obese. “If this was about tuberculosis,” someone once wrote, “it would be called an epidemic.” [Here's why.]

“When I published my 2009 cookbook, Martha Stewart Cupcakes, ” Martha ponders, “who would have thought that two years later American women would still have an insatiable appetite for the dessert?” Well, apparently they do. As do men and 12 million obese kids too.

As an avid over eater, my struggle to maintain some modicum of a healthy weight is perpetual. As a father, I’m always pushing for my kids to understand what they’re putting into their bodies, urging them to make good choices and stressing the importance of balance. As a concerned, tax-paying citizen, I fear the escalating costs of health care required to handle all of the related illnesses – diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancers -  that are a consequence of an ever-widening America.

It’s a monumental problem to tackle, but the solution begins at home. And it starts with me.  I have decided to lose 12 pounds by March 31st. It’s an ambitious, but achievable undertaking.

Who’s with me?

If you want to get in on the program, start by making the commitment, weighing yourself and determining your own goal. Then, stay in touch with me for the next six weeks to share strategies, struggles  and results. You can reach me through Twitter , Facebook, or via the comments section below.

Starting now.

A Super-Sized Lifestyle

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The United Emirates love their sports. Whether it’s soccer, rugby, cricket, horse racing, Formula 1, Golf, or on this particular weekend in Dubai skydiving competitions, there is no lack of sports to watch on television or in person. Yet very few Emirates actually participate in sports, and that includes their youth. As a matter of fact you see very few working out in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Why this love for watching sport yet no desire to play or be active? Many people I spoke to here mention the heat as a reason a majority don’t engage in an active lifestyle. Granted summer brings average temperatures between 105 and 110 degree fahrenheit, combined with high humidity, and no real relief in the morning or evening, does present a problem for being outside. Yet that argument puzzled me with the beautiful weather (80 degrees , bright sunshine and low humidity) they were having now, and have approximately 6 months out of the year.

The other disturbing trend that many in Abu Dhabi have witnessed is the culture of laziness. Many kids sit at home with all the amenities of technology, and little desire to be active. Add to that the overall school system’s lack of emphasis on physical education, which has lead to over 50 percent of all people in the UAE considered to be overweight or obese.

Hmm…. sound familiar? We are trending in a very similar path.

Is there an answer to the obesity issue? Yes, but it doesn’t get solved through public service announcements on television or professional sports leagues telling kids to go and play 60 minutes every day. It happens by proactively updating the fitness industry and providing more creative alternatives for kids and families, de-emphasizing organized sports participation 12 months out the year, and rebuilding playgrounds and parks nationwide to appeal to kids of all ages.

So this trip to the Middle East got me thinking and inspired to make a difference in the lives of kids in our country. Let’s be the first country to actually do something about creating more access to an active lifestyle. Let’s begin super sizing our kids active lifestyle with less fast food and more creative thought and leisure products for the future.

My next destination – South Africa. Stay tuned.

Gro a Mo, Save a Bro

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

If you remember, last November I posted about taking part in Movember and I’m doing it again this year.

Movember is a global event that raises awareness and money to fight the cancers that directly effect men. Since we are dedicated to talking about everything guy related of course we’d be covering Movember.

They put together a great series of videos to raise awareness. More on the Movember YouTube Channel.

Now, if you are a guy and your thinking that you can’t grow a mustache right now for any reason, I’m here to tell you that all of them are wrong. I do a lot speaking and business meetings and while it is weird to walk into either with a mustache it is the perfect conversation starter and when you say that you are doing it to fight cancer everyone pays attention. My wife is not a big fan of facial hair, but she knows that it is for a good cause and supports it. (But, she loves when December arrives and I shave even more.)

This year, I’m part of Team Boston and I personally want to raise at least $5,000 in donations from individuals and corporations. I know money can be tough, but honestly every dollar helps so please donate today and then encourage others to do so. I’ve set up a handy URL of which goes directly to my donation page. Feel free to share it far and wide.

I don’t know if we’ll see a cure for cancer in my life time, but I’m hopeful that cures are on the way and I know that fund raising events like Movember are helping to make that happen.

So guys. Consider growing a Mo to help save a Bro! It is only 30 days and I know you can do it.

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