Digital Dads™ was established in 2009 by long time blogger, media producer, and author of the book Content Rules—C.C. Chapman. It was founded in response to the lack of viable content on the web with a focus on being a dad from a man’s point of view.

Affectionally known as the man cave of the internet, Digital Dads™ is Where a Dad can be a Guy. Taking a unique look at manhood and fatherhood from a male-centric perspective—our features encompass humor, sports, cooking, fashion, parenting, coaching, sex and many other interests central to being a man and father in todays society.

Our core content includes Digital Dads TV—a weekly show on the Pulse Network hosted by C.C., Digital Dads Exposed—an interview series that highlights unique and interesting dads, Digital Dads Collection and Digital Dads Watch—weekly curated lists of interesting links and videos on the web, as well as weekly article features by our diverse and talented writing team and guest contributors.

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