Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Digital Dads Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

Thankfully, my wife and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day.

But, I know that we are not most couples and there is a good chance that you are on the hook to do something special tomorrow. I want to help you with that.

First off, unless this is your first Valentine’s together or you are younger than 18, skip the flowers, stuffed animals or chocolates. If you have to give in to the same old same old then can I at least suggest you go big and get something from Epiphany Chocolates or Vermont Teddy Bears? At least than, it shows you put a little thought into it.

Oh and while we are talking about the basics, we should discuss the card. There are so many different philosophies when it comes to buying a card. Personally I find them to be a waste of money, but every woman I’ve ever been involved with loved them. Don’t skip buying one. You know your companion better than I do. Be smart if you go the humor route because you don’t want to offend. Overly sappy can be creepy if it is a new relationship. When it doubt go simple and classic.

Now, what are you going to get here since you waited until now to think about it. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Take her out to dinner.
    Try giving OpenTable a whirl to see what around you actually has openings left. You might get lucky and get an early or late dinner. If you strike out call around and plead your case. 
  • Pampering is a great go to.
    You are guaranteed to have a spa of some sort around you. Buy a gift card that will cover a variety of personal pampering. Some even offer massage card programs so you can give her six months of massages. Many women won’t take the time to pamper themselves, but when it is a gift how can they say no?
  • A framed picture of you two.
    Preferably a funny or special moment between you two. Look up where the nearest Kodak Kiosk (or something similar) and get a nice print done. You can buy a frame at your local art store or Target. Don’t skimp on the frame and take your time in picking out a great one that compliments the photo.
  • Something she has been talking about wanting.
    You have been listening right? We all drop clues about things we’d love to get for gifts. Hopefully it is something you can run out and buy. A gift that they want is perfect unless it is something over practical. Give her that new vacuum or iron she mentioned and you won’t be having a fun night.

I know those are only a couple of items, but with only a few hours what did you expect? You should have planned better.

If after all this you still drop the ball or my singular advice ends in your special someone not being too happy with you then you should watch this video from Ze Frank as you prepare for battle.

Hope Valentine’s Day goes great for both of you.

C.C. Chapman is the Founder of Digital Dads and the Author of Content Rules. He is a family first entrepreneur with two great kids (a boy and a girl) who loves the outdoors, cooking, photography and playing with technology. He consults with companies around the globe to help them embrace the new world of marketing and business. C.C. is a sought after speaker, photographer and content creator who looks forward to each day as a new adventure.

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