OK, in preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve reviewed hundreds of recipes, ideas, tips, how-to’s, help lines and more. Here are the links that you might find useful.

– A whole lotta menus for 2 to 20 peeps (Gourmet)

– Overall Thanksgiving Guide includes Vegetarian and Gluten Free (The Daily Meal)

– Recipes you can make ahead (Saveur)

– Food & Wine’s Ultimate Holiday Guide

Every Stuffing Recipe You’ll Ever Need (The Daily Meal)

– Except this one

Veganizing Thanksgiving (FOOD 52)

– Gluten Free Ideas

– One more cranberry

– The Easy Thanksgiving Menu (Chow)

– Wait, you need even more recipes? (Foodista)

– Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple (Bon Appetit)

– Bryan Voltaggio’s go-to cranberry sauce (TastingTable)

– Sweet-Potato Casserole

– Good looking dessert: Apple Crostata with Spiced Caramel Sauce LINK

– A FREE downloadable digital guide with a lot of helpful how-to’s here (Tasting Table)

– Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving Rules, an excellent video

– The Dry-Brined Turkey (Food 52)

– How To Carve (A Chicken, But It’s The Same for a) Turkey. Video

– Why You Should Spatchcock Your Turkey (CHOW)

– The Truth About Brining Turkey (Serious Eats)

– Steam the turkey? The best TV chef instructor in history does. How?

– Table setting ideas (The Daily Meal)

– The Thanksgiving Timeline, a stress free step-by-step checklist (Epicurious)

– A complete guide to roasting the perfect bird (Epicurious)

– Thanksgiving Help Line (NY Times)

– The Thanksgiving-erator, an interactive thingie (NY Times)

Wine: 4 Top Viogniers for Roast Turkey

– There’s an APP for that…

– Recipes, music ideas, wine & more

>>> I think this is THE perfect gift.

Anyone else need a nap already?

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