Digital Dads NFL Pre-Game 2012: Week 6

Another ten win week last week for me. This paired with two out of three fantasy losses, mostly because I had Reggie Wayne on the bench in both those leagues, and he happened to have a career day. Well, can’t win ‘em all I suppose. It seems that either my game picks are really good, or I win in Fantasy. I can’t have it both ways it appears. Which kind of sucks, because I really like being right, and I really like winning. So there’s that.

The big news this week is that Drew Brees broke Johnny Unitas’ record of consecutive games with a TD pass. Good for Brees. The funny thing about Brees is that if he was drafted now, in the current atmosphere, he’d be out of the league before he would be given a chance to develop. I still feel that a lot of rookie QB’s aren’t given the chance to properly develop before being thrown to the wolves. Some excel under that kind of pressure, like Russell Wilson, while some are generally terrible. But that’s the NFL for ya.

Other big news is the Dolphins won last week. Surprise surprise. Additionally, Brady still owns Manning, and I’m pretty sure I’d like to change any predictions I made about the Green Bay Packers. What is going on there? The Packers aren’t looking much better than the Lions. NFC North – up for grabs. On with Week 6!

Pittsburgh at Tennessee +6.0
It’s been a tough season so far for the Titans. Not only is Chris Johnson not worth the huge contract they gave him, but Locker went down with a shoulder injury. Not that Hasselbeck isn’t good, but he does seem to have entered his football twilight years. The Titans are back home this week, against a Steelers team that is still struggling to find their footing. The running game isn’t what it should be for either team. I’m taking the Steelers to win.

Oakland at Atlanta -9.0
Atlanta is undefeated and looking pretty damn good as an early Superbowl favorite on the NFC side. The only holes in this team is… is… none. The running game is great, Matt Ryan is spot-on with his receivers and the defense is doing exactly what I surmised they’d do. Conversely, the Raiders are the exact opposite. The only bright spot on this team is the glare from the silver on their uniforms. Falcons to win at home.

Cincinnati at Cleveland +1.0 CRAPFEST OF THE WEEK!
The Bengals drop a crappy game to the Dolphins and suddenly aren’t looking so fucking hot. They are only one point favorites against the Browns, a team who can’t seem to get their late game shit together. After rolling to a 14 point lead against the Giants, they then rolled right on over for the Giants to lay down the beating. 4th quarter defense was non-existent. However, the Browns have been playing strong and again are the best looking shittiest team in the league. I’m taking them to win this week.

St. Louis at Miami -3.5
Ok, I didn’t pick either of these teams to win last week. The Rams showed up against the Cards and totally beat them on defense. The Dolphins, well, I think they just got lucky, taking advantage of a Bengals team that was playing like shit. Their run defense was pretty solid too. I’m sticking with the Dolphins here, as Tannehill and Hartline have become quite the pair.

Indianapolis at NY Jets -3.0
The Jets are terrible. Sure, they are three point favorites here and aren’t as bad as the Browns, but Sanchez looked like absolute shit last week. They can’t figure out what to do with Tebow, and it’s obvious as hell what they are doing when they use him. Another loss and Tebow has got to be moved to the starter. Does his miraculous playoff run last year in Denver count for nothing? Colts to win on the road, beating Green Bay was just the start.

Detroit at Philadelphia -5.0 UPSET SPECIAL!!
Vick is a fucking fraud. Fumbled in the end zone last week, can’t complete anything outside a long bomb or a pitch and run. It’s only a matter of time before Vick becomes road kill. The Lions aren’t playing like a playoff team, they are back to sucking. But the defense is still just as hostile as the environment they are going into. I’m taking the Lions to upset and force Vick to turn over the ball no less than three times.

Kansas City at Tampa Bay -4.0 UPSET SPECIAL #2!!
The 1-4 Chiefs vs. the 1-3 Bucs. It’s a showdown of crap. Brady Quinn will be starting for the Chiefs, finally getting his chance to shine not in a Browns uniform. The Chiefs have the #2 rushing offense in the league, yet only have one win. The Bucs have the 4th ranked rushing defense. This should be fun. Both of them are in the bottom third when it comes to passing offense and defense. However, I think the Chiefs run crack the Bucs defense. Chiefs to upset.

Dallas at Baltimore -3.5
The Ravens defense is going to eat Tony Romo alive. They are going to break off his arms, break off his legs and make Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray watch as they devour him and a ton of turf at the same time. I hope it’s raining on Sunday so they have something to wash him down with. Ravens to win.

Buffalo at Arizona -4.5 UPSET SPECIAL #3!!
The Bills have been smacked around like little bitches since C.J. Spiller went out. It’s like they lost their mojo after losing the #1 rusher. That beating at the hands of the Niners last week, in which the back-up guys were handing it to the Bills in the 4th quarter, has got to wake this team up. The Cardinals come in with a moderate rushing game, and the Bills have proven they can’t stop that. Their best bet is to pressure Kolb, hope he fucks up and rely on the defense to win the game. I think they do. On the road. Upset special number three. Crazy. Bills to upset.

New England at Seattle +3.5
For a second there, I thought that the Broncos might actually come back against the Pats last week. For a second. The Patriots continued their dominance over Peyton Manning, but still looked flawed. I really think the Seahawks, who are playing hot right now, have a valid chance at a win here, but I think the Pats pull it off last minute drive style. Stay tuned for some drama in this one. Pats to win.

New York at San Francisco -4.5
The Niners are looking nearly unstoppable right now. While not undefeated, they are close enough. They put a smacking on the AFC East the past couple weeks and now face the NY Giants, who beat them in the playoffs last year. This game is revenge city, USA. The Niners are going to come out running, play that pistol offense and beat the Giants. Eli is the current king of 4th quarter comebacks, but not this time. Niners to win.

Minnesota at Washington -0.0
Another win for the Vikings means they are a team to watch out for. I like the way their defense is playing and while Ponder isn’t exactly pro-bowl material, he’s getting a lot better managing games. Rolling into a hostile environment of D.C. would normally be a tough game, but the locals are pretty hostile towards their team if they don’t come out winning – and they won’t. RG3 has the drive, but he just doesn’t have the game yet. Give him time. He’ll be what Vick was supposed to be. Vikings to win.

Green Bay at Houston -3.5 GAME OF THE WEEK!!
This is my game of the week for two reasons. The first is the Green Bay Packers record, which sucks. The offense is not clicking, Rodgers seems rushed and the run defense is like wet cardboard. This is their last shot to prove they are still a strong team before the Bears and Vikings leave them behind. The other reason is the Texans are undefeated! Holy shit! Superbowl – Falcons vs. Texans? It’s possible. Think about it. Texans to win.

Denver at San Diego -1.0
Well, the Chargers coughed it up last week. I didn’t watch the entire game, so I can’t give a synopsis of how they ended up losing after being ahead, but I’m guessing it’s cause they suck somehow. Anyway, I can’t pick against Manning two weeks in a row, so Broncos to win.

Chicago at Bye Week
Chicago will win the NFC North.

New Orleans at Bye Week
New Orleans will not win the NFC South.

Carolina at Bye Week
Carolina will not win the NFC South.

Jacksonville at Bye Week
Fire everyone.

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