Gillette Invite Men to Declare My City is My Gym!

There isn’t a guy on this planet who doesn’t wish they were in better shape.

Even when we find a healthy lifestyle and get in shape, it is important to stay active and find new ways to challenge outselves. But, balancing that with the hectic live most of us live makes it hard to get to a gym on a regular basis. Plus, when you add in the cost of joining a gym, it isn’t always possible.

This is why the new “My City is My Gym” campaign from Gillette caught our attention.

With the bootcamp and CrossFit style of fitness gaining popularity, they wanted to encourage men to take their exercise routines outdoors and put Gillette’s Odor Shield Anti-perspirant/Deodorant to the test.

Harnessing this growing trend of outdoor physical activity, Gillette is partnering with three hometown professional athletes to create pop-up outdoor “My City is My Gym” fitness sites across the country.

On October 4th, hockey star Patrick Sharp was in Chicago, on October 18th, former pro football star Dhani Jones will be in New York City, and on November 8th, football legend Jerry Rice will be in San Francisco to challenge locals to expand their fitness regimes outdoors.

The outdoor fitness stations were designed by the nation’s top fitness experts and capitalize on common urban surroundings, like bus shelters, construction scaffolding, city greenways, park benches, and even newsstands, to create the ultimate all-around workout.

“Gillette has a rich sports heritage and continuously aims to tap men’s key passion points. This, of course, includes daily workout and fitness,” said Jason Partin, Brand Manager at Proceter & Gamble. “The ‘My City is My Gym’ campaign is designed to show men they can count on Gillette Odor Shield during any rigorous activity, including outdoor exercise.”

Men can visit Gillette Odor Shield’s “My City is My Gym” pop-up outdoor fitness sites in each city to meet the professional athletes on the first day, get in an urban workout, or simply pick up some outdoor fitness tips. Local urban training maps and outdoor exercise guides can also be found at

We love this idea, but are left asking one major question:

When are they coming to Boston??

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