Black & Decker’s Kick Gas Yard Tools

From the backyard experts to the dads that need a little instruction – I’m looking in the mirror here – I have to say the new Black & Decker line of cordless yard tools ( are pretty Kick Gas (if you’ll excuse the pun from their advertising).

Black & Decker flew me out to Arizona for a product demo of their new line of cordless yard tools, including a lawnmower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and combination blower/vacuum.

I tried each one, and while I can honestly say I wouldn’t need every one in my yard – everyone’s yard is different – I would certainly recommend them all.

Here’s why these tools really work, especially for someone like me who needs simple, easy-to-run machinery:

  • Electric means quieter. These aren’t like your average weed whacker or your “wake up the neighborhood” lawnmower. Without the gas engine creating all the noise or exhaust, this is a much cleaner and quieter tool. You can even have a conversation while you work (like “Hey kids, put down my new edger!”).
  • Electric means rechargeable. Not only do you save on gas – as well as figuring out how to even get gas (“Do I still have that gas can somewhere?”) – but the batteries themselves have indicators telling you how much juice each one has left. For me, this is a key feature. I’m limited on time as it is, so I want to know how much time until the battery is fully charged (apparently, they take about 15 minutes) or how much time I have left (“Can I finish the yard? According to the battery, I’ve got the power…”). Which leads me to…
  • Electric means I don’t have to think. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at a yard tool wondering, “Do I put gas in this, or oil, or a gas/oil mixture…” and after the smoke starts coming out of my ears, I decide not to do any yard work. If you have a cordless drill or any other similar product, using the B&D line of yard tools will be very easy.


If you’re a lover of green technology, this is a step in the right direction. But as a lover of usability, I like that these tools feature a lot of ways to adjust them, especially being taller and not wanting to end up with a sore back after cleaning up the yard.

Now that I’ve tried out the tools on a baseball field in Arizona, Black & Decker will be sending me a few of these tools to try out on my own yard in Florida. I’m excited to give them a try because these tools look easy to use, and I’m a huge fan of that.

Disclosure – Black and Decker covered my travel expenses to attend this event.
I was given access to the tools to try in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts on them. The above words are my own and even though they took me to a baseball game while in town, these are my honest thoughts. What else would you expect?

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Dan is a life-long Massachusetts native who recently moved to Florida with his wife and two little boys. He teaches web design, produces his own parenting podcast, Baby Time, and remains a fan of the Red Sox.

One Response to “Black & Decker’s Kick Gas Yard Tools”

  1. rayman65 Says:

    Hey ! instead of somebody that knows somebody let us people that have to yard work and don’t anything but ,buying tools that work and some of your in my house quit before last years Christmas tree was down .(rechargeable screw driver) I have (2) edgers because my wife said one was too heavy so mI got a second and the rechargables DIDNOT hold up . I have (4) rechargeable battery’s for another two chargers and only two battery’s work .
    So will you print this probably not ,but somebody aught to get off their butt and find out why you are loosing business !!!!
    P.s. I also have a whole load of drills too and they are well…….. sorry about your bad tools
    Ray B. (Batavia,oh) I backup what I say and do

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