Wittlebee Makes Clothes Shopping For Your Kids Easier

Let’s face it. Buying clothes for kids is not the most fun chore we have on any given day.

I know that the variety of sizes and styles always drove me nuts. I’m very thankful that my kids are old enough to pick out their own clothes now, but when they were younger they seemed to outgrow things faster than I could buy them.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the announcement of the launch of a new service that ships you a box of personalized clothing choices for your children called Wittlebee.

Started by serial entrepreneur (and soon to be dad of two) Sean Percival who saw a need for this as he became a father.

When asked why he created the service he said, “As a parent and a technology entrepreneur, I appreciate any product or service that makes my life easier and gives me more time to focus on my family. Parents today are already pulled in a million different directions, I saw an opportunity to automate shopping for basics by giving families access to a new way to keep up with their clothing needs. Any parent knows taking your children into a store is a scary task, and trying on clothes for toddlers can be an impossible mission. By updating children’s wardrobes regularly with the clothes they wear the most, we hope to free parents up of the hassle of shopping so they can do want they want most, have fun with their kids.”

I love seeing fellow fathers stepping up and showing the world how important we are in the parenting equation and I think this is a service that parents everywhere are going to enjoy because it is fun and helpful at the same time.

Check them out at Wittlebee.com and if you use them be sure to let us know how they work out.


C.C. Chapman is the Founder of Digital Dads and the Author of Content Rules. He is a family first entrepreneur with two great kids (a boy and a girl) who loves the outdoors, cooking, photography and playing with technology. He consults with companies around the globe to help them embrace the new world of marketing and business. C.C. is a sought after speaker, photographer and content creator who looks forward to each day as a new adventure.

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