Act of Valor

There are few things you need to know about me before reading this review because I’m completely biased.

I love our military. Any man or woman who puts on a uniform and puts their life on the line to help protect my freedom has my undying respect. It is why I support organizations like Fisher House and more recently the Green Beret Foundation.

I’m also a huge fan of special forces stories, books, games and movies. I grew up reading Tom Clancy novels like they were candy and while I suck at multiplayer games, I love first person shooters that are out these days.

All that being said, I just returned from seeing Act of Valor and this is a movie you should go see.

Hollywood usually screws up balls to the wall action movies like this, but from start to finish this is full of action and awesomeness that you want to see.

Sure, there are huge plot holes from magic intel that they never really address, but I’m ok with that. I’m not there to question a perfect plot because when you go see a movie like this you know what you are in for and it isn’t anything that is going to get nominated for an Oscar.

When I first heard about a movie being made using real Navy Seals I was a little worried because it sounded like a cheap Hollywood gimmick.

But, from the opening shot of the movie it is clear that the creators of this movie have the utmost respect for the military and while it makes for great headlines, these guys did a great job with the film. It is not always an easy movie to watch and while voice overs are usually a sure sign of crap, they are beautifully done in this film and I hope to find the text of it somewhere online so that I can read it as a whole.

For the tech geeks like me out there, you should know that this movie was shot using HDSLR cameras. Read this article if you want to know more about it. Trust me, that it does not distract from the story in any way and in fact I think it adds a certain grittiness to it.

If I have any complaint about the movie it was that there was too many POV first person shooter type of shots. The opening scene almost made me motion sick from the jump cuts and POV shots. Sure, they were playing off the familiar view we have while playing video games, but there was a bit too much for my tastes.

I also want to say that this was the first R movie I have ever let my son see.

I checked the IMDB Parental Guide before making the decision to take him. As a dad let me be point blank with you that if you let your kid play games like Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 or anything like that, then this movie contains nothing they haven’t already seen. Plus, it gave us a lot to talk about after the movie since it has some hard and valuable lessons on what it means to be a responsible man and I’m glad I took him.

It is bloody, violent and full of appropriate cursing. I say appropriate because when people are shooting at you it makes anything appropriate.

This is a guys movie. The audience applauded at the end and rightfully so. You should take a guys night out and hit this movie. Support the men who made this piece of awesome fun cinema.

Thank you again to every single soldier both active duty and retired. I can never thank you enough for all that you have done and will do.

Show some support by seeing this movie. I give it an ass kicking A.

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C.C. Chapman is the Founder of Digital Dads and the Author of Content Rules. He is a family first entrepreneur with two great kids (a boy and a girl) who loves the outdoors, cooking, photography and playing with technology. He consults with companies around the globe to help them embrace the new world of marketing and business. C.C. is a sought after speaker, photographer and content creator who looks forward to each day as a new adventure.

13 Responses to “Act of Valor”

  1. Joseph Olesh Says:

    Strong post. Love seeing that dSLR in action. Canon 5D?

  2. C.C. C.C. Chapman Says:

    I would imagine that was what they were using.

    Of course speaking of cameras, I got a great laugh at the camera the Seals were using in one shot where they showed it because it was a VERY old Canon and I cracked up. Only a photographer would catch it.

  3. Joseph Olesh Says:

    Ha, gotta love us geeky photographer types. Great blog, C.C.

  4. Simon Salt Says:

    Nice review, I’ve been wanting to see this since the early trailers started to appear. Good to know that they don’t have the SEALS doing stupid dorky scenes and actually show them as real people. This will be on the list to go and see this weekend.

  5. C.C. C.C. Chapman Says:

    No, nothing that even remotely made me go “come on” with what they did. 

    I think anyone in the military would feel proud of this movie. I don’t know for sure, but I left feeling that way.

  6. Danny Cameron Says:

    Great Review C.C. DSLR Cameras are my favorite for shooting any project now. I’ve been interested in seeing this movie for a while now.  

  7. Raul Colon Says:

    I just saw that It will start in Puerto Rico next week on the 1st. Will make it a priority to go se it. 

    Having served in the military I also am a fan of those great human beings who have decided to serve there countries. 

    Can’t wait to see the movie. 

  8. JP JP Says:

    This is on our list of movies to see as well.  Only reason we don’t have it on our list of things to do this weekend is we’re down with the crud.  Will let you know what we think as well, once we get to watch!

  9. MorpheusMirror Says:

    CC I love your review as person who served in unique situations, this movie was far closer to real life than most realize, and I am glad spoke to your son about what it means to be a true man, not a carbon copy of one. I hope many fathers did the same as you.

  10. Mudpuppy Says:

    Great movie, with incredible cinematography. Some of the scenes should be in IMAX they are so beautiful. The toys!!! So many neat weapons used. Wish I had some of those when I served in the 80′s.

    Anyone know about the uniforms? The half zip, half camo, shirt/jacket the seals worn on the aircraft carrier were awesome.. I would like to know more about those.

    The red dot scopes on the m4′s did not show a red dot or holograph. I assume they just don’t show up well on camera so they didn’t bother to turn them on (or they are not waterproof).

    Anyway, great movie, will see again

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